Sway House confronts Hype House after Charli D’Amelio exposes Lil Huddy

Sway House confronts Hype House after Charli D'Amelio exposes Lil HuddyInstagram: Lil Huddy / Charli D'Amelio / Jaden Hossler

TikTok’s two biggest groups, Sway House and Hype House, took their beef out of social media and into the real world after Charli D’Amelio exposed Lil Huddy for cheating on her with Nessa Barret.

TikTok has taken notes from esports and YouTube houses to create their own content organizations, with two of the platform’s biggest groups being the Hype House and Sway House.

While Hype House once boasted a roster of TikTok’s biggest stars, recurring drama has led to a mass exodus from the org, while Sway House has seen an influx of such personalities as college soccer player Noah Beck, among others.

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Drama between these two houses is not unheard of; but their beef took a turn for the worse on July 6, after TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio accused ex-boyfriend Chase Hudson (also known as Lil Huddy) of cheating on her with fellow TikToker Nessa Barret.

TikTok quickly took sides amidst the scandal, with Sway House’s Jaden Hossler, Bryce Hall and Anthony Reeves sticking with D’Amelio in wake of her accusations — but not before Hudson could air out the relationship drama from other creators in response to the mass backlash against him.

However, Hossler seemingly had enough of Hudson’s Twitter fingers and set out to confront the TikToker in person, posting a selfie to his Instagram stories with a caption that read, “On my way, say those fake-a** lies to our face, Chase.”

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What transpired was a tense conversation between Hossler and the Hype House members, which was also uploaded to Instagram amid the chaos.

“We just wanna talk, actually,” Hossler claimed. “I’m not gonna fight him. Why would I want to fight that small-a** motherf**ker? …he wants to go online and say some stupid-a** lies, so we’re gonna talk about the lies down here.”

He also claimed that paparazzi had been called to the scene, and speculated they’d been tipped off by Hype House members.

Despite the high-tension confrontation, Hossler announced that he’d finally “settled” things with Hudson in a follow-up Tweet, clarifying that no violence had taken place during the encounter.

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Although the Hossler/Hudson beef might be over, that isn’t stopping the net from continuing to prod the drama on social media in wake of D’Amelio’s jaw-dropping allegations against one of TikTok’s biggest stars.