OTK overtakes TSM & Luminosity to become largest livestream organization

One True King

One True King network has announced that in July 2021, it became the most-watched live streaming organization online, beating out competitors like TSM, Luminosity, and Cloud9.

When the OTK network was formed in October 2020, it was bound to be one of the biggest streaming teams online. With mega-popular founders like Asmongold and Mizkif, the team was going to have a huge impact on Twitch and streaming overall.

Asmongold has recently skyrocketed in popularity after taking to titles like Final Fantasy XIV, helping OTK become number one.

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A closer look at the viewer numbers from July 2021 shows that it beat out all other organizations by a huge margin.

Asmongold Final Fantasy 14Twitch: Asmongold, Square Enix
Asmongold is one of the faces of the OTK brand.

OTK’s dominance

As shown in an August 4 tweet, the OTK network reached over 25 million hours of viewership for the month of July. This number crushed second-place Luminosity by over five million hours, and third-place TSM by nearly nine million.

OTK’s numbers were boosted by some of their streamers that have gained more popularity recently, like Rich Campbell and Mizkif. Rich’s stream, in particular, has exploded, and over the last month has gained nearly 80 thousand followers. He’s also increased his viewership average up to 12 thousand per stream, putting him into the top 200 overall on all of Twitch, according to Twitch Tracker.

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OTK recently added a new member to the team in Jschlatt in June 2021, and made headlines as he was pulled over by police for speeding in his rented Lamborghini for his announcement video.

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