What happened to Sway House? Members reveal why it’s dead

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Founded just over a year ago, on 4 January 2020, Sway LA was once one of the most formidable content houses on the TikTok scene. Now, however, former members of the House like Griffin Johnson and Quinton Griggs have revealed that there’s “no real Sway” anymore.

Re-igniting rumors into the demise of Sway that initially started last month, former Sway member Quinton Griggs revealed on TikTok that Sway LA  was no more. Addressing fans in his video, Griggs, 16, admitted that “Sway isn’t really a thing anymore.”

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He continued: “We’re all boys, we all love each other but there is no real Sway.” Griggs was a founding member of Sway House before moving to Sway Gaming in July in order to “protect his brand” following a string of controversies concerning the House.

But it isn’t just Quinton who seems convinced that the Sway House is over. Griffin Johnson, who also traded Sway House for Sway Gaming over the summer, reiterated in an interview that “there is no actual Sway House anymore.”

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“We had our fun,” he said, speaking to Jodi Guglielmi of People Magazine. “When we first got here there was a crazy amount of fame and we had the typical LA time, but then we just decided we were over it and that’s when we decided to split up.”

While Johnson and the boys appears to be “over” Sway House, it looks like fans might not be quite ready to let go, with one fan on Instagram saying “this hurt my feelings” while another announced that they were “gonna go cry” following the announcement.

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What happened to the Sway House?

Rumors of the Sway House ending have been rife for a while, but they reached fever pitch when TikToker and Sway House member Blake Gray ominously Tweeted in December: “all good things must come to an end at some point.”

Adding fuel to the fire, several members of the Sway House – including Bryce Hall, Blake Gray, Josh Richards, Noah Beck and Quinton Griggs – removed associations to Sway from their social media bios.

Most notably, Michael Gruen, manager of the Sway House, also removed mentions of Sway from his profile and appeared to streamline his client base to just Hall, Richards and Johnson as opposed to the rest of the House.

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At the time, both Bryce Hall and Josh Richards appeared to quell rumors that Sway as we knew it was coming to an end. While Hall tweeted out “#sway4lyfe till the end”, Richards said on his BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy: “How can you really say it’s broken up? Cause one week there’s no YouTube content together, a TikTok hasn’t been made, or there’s this joking around, or this beef, that ‘Sway’s over, Sway’s ended.’ People just jump to conclusions.”

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However, with big names leaving and multiple TikTokers seeming to confirm that Sway LA is dead, it looks like that the Sway House is one content house that is going to be left in 202o.

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