Bryce Hall & Thomas Petrou officially end the Sway vs Hype House beef

Bryce Hall Thomas Petrou end feudYouTube: Thomas Petrou

TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Thomas Petrou have officially ended their long-standing feud after months of trash talk and intense rivalry between the Hype House and Sway House.

The Hype House vs Sway House beef is a tale as old as time for TikTok fans. Both popular content houses in their own right, the two began to feud as they each grew in popularity, with things escalating amid the Charli D’Amelio / Chase Hudson breakup drama this summer.

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Things ramped up further between founders Bryce Hall and Thomas Petrou as the year went on, with Hall specifically calling out Petrou for his spending habits and even accusing him of “stealing” from the HH’s content creators.

Thankfully, it seems that this beef has been put behind them, after the two appeared in a humorous YouTube video on December 10 and laid their quarrels to rest.

“We talked out our issues off-camera,” Petrou revealed before breaking out into laughter. “Hopefully for the last time.”

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“Hopefully this is the last time!” Hall chuckled. “But from that talk, it’s definitely behind us.”

That’s not all; Petrou also revealed that none of the beef between them had been faked for views, as many viewers had speculated throughout the duration of their rivalry.

“No, none of that s**t was fake,” he added. “We actually f**king hated each other! But we’ve moved on. We want to set a good example for our fans.”

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(Topic begins at 1:30)

The two went on to hug it out for the camera and even drank a toast to their newfound peace — a peace that some TikTok fans knew was coming before Petrou even uploaded his video, thanks to a tweet from Griffin Johnson the day prior.

“Imagine if the Hype House & Sway quit being immature and decided to make content together / be friends,” he wrote. “it is time to bring everyone together… I am sick of LA destroying good people.”

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It looks like the drama is done between two of TikTok’s biggest powerhouses — and we couldn’t be more excited to see what hilarious and outrageous content will come out of this unexpected truce.