Bryce Hall brawls with fashion designer over mystery girl at birthday bash

YouTube: Bryce Hall

TikTok star Bryce Hall was caught throwing hands at a party yet again after paparazzi shared a video documenting the chaotic encounter.

Bryce Hall is the self-described “party animal” of the internet. Much of his content shows the influencer getting into all sorts of shenanigans with his friend group, including such stunts as eating hot wings so spicy they’ve sent people to the hospital, driving a fake police car around LA, and, of course, partying. A lot.

Unfortunately, Hall has gotten into quite a few brawls over the years at said parties, including a fight that got him banned from Playlist Live where he picked up his opponent and slammed him down on the pavement.

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This latest brawl comes in August 2021, during the birthday bash of Bryce’s fellow influencer and friend, JRod.


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A clip of the encounter was shared by paparazzi outlet The Hollywood Fix, which shows Hall and another person surrounded by a crowd of onlookers as Bryce seems to urge his rival to “talk to the hand.”

Things soon get physical and fists fly, with one brave mediator separating the two before things get too real.

It doesn’t seem like this peace lasted long, though, as the video switches to another clip from the same party, showing the crowd singing Steam’s ‘Na Na Hey Hey.’ Something happens shortly thereafter, with all the lights in the room turning off and shrieking party-goers streaming outside.

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Bryce Hall has yet to comment on the situation to clarify exactly what happened, but the Hollywood Fix’s video caption claims the altercation started over a girl.

Bryce’s current love life has been decidedly confusing, with many fans speculating that he’s dating TikToker Riley Hubatka, although both parties have denied this rumor.

Thus far, it doesn’t look like we’ve got any more info on exactly why the brawl took place — but it does seem like Bryce hinted that the guy might have been trying to fight him for clout, according to a recent tweet.

However, an interview with the other fighter has since been released… and they have a different version of events.

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Bryce’s opponent, fashion designer ‘Pretty Boy Larry,’ stated in an interview with the Hollywood Fix that the brawl had started over a woman, and that he had “no idea” who Bryce even was at the time.

“I was talking to a girl,” he explained. “I think she was fine as hell. And then he [Bryce] walks up to me and he’s like, ‘Bro, this is my girl. My girl, my sister.’ So I’m like, ‘Which one is it?’ And he’s like, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ And I’m like okay, and I just ignore him.”

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Larry went on to claim that the woman in question began to put her Instagram handle in his phone right in front of Bryce. Needless to say, this prompted the Sway House co-founder to get up in Larry’s personal space, urging him to leave, before the altercation in the video took place.

For now, it looks like Larry’s side of the story has taken a deep dive into the situation — that is, until Bryce decides to upload a vlog telling us all about it.