“Ashamed” TikToker claims Austin McBroom cheated with her in secret Malibu home

Charlotte Colombo

Following on from allegations made by Tana Mongeau, TikToker Moncia Bush has doubled down on recent rumors that Austin McBroom has cheated on his wife, Catherine, in a series of TikToks.

She claims that he got in touch under the guise of giving her samples from his clothing brand for her to promote via Instagram, before texting her and asking her if she was going to be in LA so that he could give her package. “I’m not sure why he thought it was necessary to text me afterwards,” Monica admitted, who goes by the handle ‘MoniManey’.

When she arrived to LA, she claims he kept pushing the plan to meet her until it got later and later before picking her up in his blue Range Rover and driving her to a house in Malibu. She said that she was “naïve” and thought the two were “just talking business” and about other potential brand deals before he turned on Netflix and the two started watching Netflix on the couch.

She said he then put a blanket over him and invited her to lay with him. Bush claims she rejected him and said she was just trying to do business, to which Austin responded: “This is doing business.”

The following night, Monica alleges that that the same thing happened again, with Austin encouraging her to take an Uber to the same house. She says he also claimed that him and his wife weren’t actually together and were only together for publicity.

At this point, Bush claimed the two slept together and that afterwards, Austin paid her $800 in advance for brand deals. She says that following this encounter, she kept hearing stories from other people that “this is what he [Austin] does with girls.”

Moncia also said McBroom continues to try and speak to her to this day. In the series of TikToks, she showed iMessage screenshots as well as a Snapchat account which she claims belongs to Austin.

These allegations come after YouTuber Tana Mongeau also accused McBroom of infidelity. In a series of TikToks and Tweets released on 12 June, she claimed: “One time, Austin McBroom was cheating on Catherine, and the girl he was cheating on her with left her lipstick in his car. We get a call, and we answered it, and it’s Austin bawling his eyes out and Catherine absolutely screaming while holding this lipstick inside of the car.

“She’s screaming, and she’s like, ‘is the lipstick Tana’s?” she continued. “Austin says the lipstick is Tana’s.’ Austin’s bawling. My dumb a** thinks that the right thing to do at the time is saving the kids. So, I lied to Catherine. I’m like, this is my lipstick.”

She also alleged that Austin hired four of her friends as “nannies” in order to sleep with them. McBroom vehemently denied the claims on Twitter, calling Tana “the biggest clout chaser of all time” before going on to beat TikTok star Bryce Hall in Battle of the Platforms. He is yet to comment publicly on the allegations made by Bush.

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