AnEsonGib knocks out Austin McBroom after five brutal knockdowns: Results, fight card, & more

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anesongib vs mcbroom boxing event

YouTube stars Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib duked it out for four rounds in which Gib sent McBroom to the mat five times. Here’s everything you need to know about the Social Gloves: No More Talk event.

The Golden Age of influencer boxing is upon us. Creators from all across the net are calling each other out to settle their differences in the ring — and the next big bout has been revealed.

Austin McBroom is slated to fight against AnEsonGib in an unexpected, but welcomed, match that has fans curious to see who will come out on top.


AnEsonGib vs Austin McBroom Fight Card Results

PreliminaryMarco Deckman vs Abimbola OsundairoOsundairoTKO
UndercardCory Wharton vs Chase DeMooreN/AExhibition
UndercardAdam Selah vs Landon McBroomN/ADraw
UndercardLe’Veon Bell vs Adrian PetersonBellKO
Co-Main EventNick Young vs MinikonN/AExhibition
Main EventAnEsonGib vs Austin McBroomAnEsonGibKO

Main Event: Gib knocks out McBroom in brutal finish

The Main Event for Social Gloves: No More Talk features two YouTube megastars. Austin McBroom of The Ace Family facing off against multi-million subscriber AnEsonGib.

Gib came to the arena with one goal in mind: to knock off the head of Social Gloves Austin McBroom. And with more experience and a better record, the odds were seemingly in his favor.

But McBroom was focused on his future in boxing beyond Gib. Whether an advantage or a detriment, McBroom continued to claim that beating Gib would be his golden ticket to securing a match with massively successful influencer boxer KSI.

McBroom started the bout looking far more relaxed than Gib, and an early round knockdown by McBroom did little to bolster the confidence of his opponent. Even after landing a couple of shots of his own, Gib still bounced around the ring on high alert.

Round two saw several bullet-like punches from both McBroom and Gib, but Austin won the round with a few big shots delivered to Gib’s face.

McBroom may have been too relaxed going into round three as Gib found several holes in his defense. Landing blow after blow to the jaw of McBroom, the Ace Family Man was knocked to the mat twice by Gib before he was saved by the bell.

Round four saw a similar story with McBroom falling to the mat within seconds. The official warned McBroom that if he didn’t start protecting himself, the fight would be over. A second knockdown would come moments later, with a final warning for McBroom.

And as anyone could have predicted at this point in the match, a massive blow to the face of McBroom would send him to the mat for the final time. This time, he wouldn’t bounce back up as he had before. Gib came, saw, and accomplished his goal of knocking off the head of Social Gloves.

Cory Wharton vs Chase DeMoore recap

A match made for television, two reality TV stars stepped into the ring to finally settle their beef. They had to be separated multiple times during press conferences and even attempted to throw hands a few days early during a weigh-in on September 8.

Physically, DeMoore outmatched his opponents by considerable margins. Height, reach, weight, and age all leaned in favor of Chase. But DeMoore fought harder to keep his mouthpiece in place than he did to take down Wharton. His left hand was completely out of commission while it held his mouthguard in place.

Despite his stature, Wharton’s speed and tenacity were on display during the matchup. Landing several blows that staggered his towering opponent, but failed to capitalize on that moment in the first two rounds. In fact, both fighters took a break in the middle of the second round to taunt each other.

The next two rounds would consist of some fairly unprofessional fighting with the officiator at one point in time informing Wharton that his maneuvers “weren’t boxing”.

The fifth and final round would begin with a flurry of punches from both fighters with none of them actually connecting. The gassed fighters would slow to a crawl, with both fighters checking the big screen several times to see how much time remained.

The exhibition ended without a score, but the commentators agreed that if the bout was scored, Wharton would have run away with the victory. However, it might have been easier to judge their taunting abilities rather than their combat skills.

Adam Selah vs Landon McBroom recap

Austin McBroom’s younger brother Landon and his opponent Adam Saleh put it all on the line to compete for the title of ICB International Middleweight Champion. But the fight was for more than just a belt – it was a battle between the East Coast and the West.

Scheduled for four rounds, viewers expected to see a better show of boxing than the fight prior. But the matchup leaned in Saleh’s favor as he brings a lot more experience to the ring.

The first three rounds of the match came and went without any considerable punches being landed. Despite the lack of action, McBroom controlled the pace of the fight with his presence. Yet, heading into round four, Saleh turned it on and pressured his opponent.

Both fighters exploded at the start of the final round. Respect for one another’s abilities was abandoned as McBroom and Saleh took chances throwing risky punches. Despite two right hooks from McBroom late in the fourth round, the judges scored the match a unanimous draw.

Le’Veon Bell vs Adrian Peterson recap

Making the transition from NFL runningbacks to professional boxers has proved a challenge for Bell and Peterson, and the ruthless competitors are taking their intense desire to win from a 300-foot-long field to an 18-square-foot ring.

The 200+ pound heavyweight fighters used their reach to their advantage early on respecting the power behind each other’s potential blows. Both fighters stayed busy during the first two rounds, they had a difficult time getting in range and finding the confidence to take meaningful shots.

As Bell and Peterson grew more comfortable with each passing round, their footwork and movement started to shine through. But they were running out of time to earn the points they so desperately needed.

After patiently chipping away at Adrian Peterson’s armor, Le’Veon Bell started the fifth found hot by unloading a massive right hook. Peterson saw stars looking straight to the sky before falling backward onto the mat.

Nick ‘Swaggy P’ Young vs Minikon

Swaggy P was set to take on rapper Blueface, but 48 hours before the event, Minikon stepped in as the rapper’s replacement. Even though he was only given two days’ notice, Minikon claimed that was all the time he needed to prepare to beat Swaggy P.

Both fighters came out of the gate swinging showing a level of aggression the two previous fights lacked. And early into round two, Nick Young would throw a series of punches that would knock the mouthguard out of Minikon’s mouth. But it wouldn’t take long for Minikon to throw a brutal punch of his own.

In round three, the official would call the match after Nick Young fell to the mat and rolled out of the ring. He claimed that Minikon threw a headbutt, but the replay makes the hit look like a rake from Minikon’s forearm.

It’s hard to say what would have happened had the fight gone on longer, but the commentators believed that Minikon could have secured a KO against Young.

Where to watch AnEsonGib vs Austin McBroom?

Fans in the US can tune into the action live, or via online pay-per-view streams at Social Gloves’ official website. UK viewers can purchase the PPV at FITE.TV.

A ticket to the virtual event will cost fans $39.99 USD, giving them access to the 1080p stream and a recording of the event for 24 hours after the fact.

Who are Austin McBroom & AnEsonGib?

Austin McBroom is a YouTuber best known for his presence on the ACE Family vlog channel, which follows himself, his wife Catherine McBroom, and their three children as they go about their lives.

austin mcbroom posing on car
Austin McBroom is a high-profile YouTuber best known for his family channel, the ACE Family.

McBroom also orchestrates an annual charity basketball tournament, which often features major celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Justin Beiber.

AnEsonGib is a British YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers. Although Gib is a gamer at heart — specializing in FIFA and Fortnite — his channel has now been overtaken with boxing videos.

When is AnEsonGib vs Austin McBroom?

McBroom and Gib is scheduled to take place on September 10, 2022.

The event was set to go live at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET, but a two-hour delay pushed the start time back to 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET.

Their bout was initially slated for July 30. It was postponed on July 20 due to health concerns for AnEsonGib, who stated that he would fly out to Los Angeles to complete health screenings before the fight could take place.

Their fight follows the highly-anticipated comeback match for KSI – and was supposed to follow Jake Paul’s bout against Rahman Jr., which was outright canceled due to weight issues.

AnEsonGib vs Austin McBroom fight card

The fight card for this upcoming combat sports extravaganza is stacked with a slew of high-profile names.

Former Los Angeles Lakers star Nick ‘Swaggy P’ Young was set to take on rapper Blueface in one of the biggest fights of the night. However, 48 hours before the event, Blueface was replaced by Minikon due to a schedule conflict.

NFL All-Pro Running Backs Le’Veon Bell and Adrian Peterson are also set to scrap in a Battle of the Running Backs.

Austin McBroom press conference 1
McBroom at the July 12 press conference for his upcoming fight against AnEsonGib.

On top of these star-studded bouts, reality TV stars Cory Wharton and Chase DeMoor will face off after their heated exchange at the fight’s July 12 press conference.

Finally, YouTuber Adam Saleh and Austin McBroom’s brother, Landon McBroom, are set to face off, adding yet another major influencer bout to this bursting card.

Where is AnEsonGib vs Austin McBroom?

This fight will take place in the Banc of California Stadium.

The July 30 match had initially secured the Crypto Arena, but the September 10 rescheduling seems to have warranted a change in venue.

AnEsonGib vs Austin McBroom: A history

Both McBroom and Gib boast a history in boxing, although Gib has had more matches than his upcoming opponent.

AnEsonGib boasts a 3-1 boxing record, with one loss to Jake Paul. Gib has defeated influencers MaxPlaysFIFA, Jay Swingler, and Tayler Holder.

McBroom has only fought one match against Bryce Hall in 2021’s YouTubers vs TikTokers event, which he won by TKO.

AneSonGib is gearing up for his fifth boxing match against Austin McBroom.

While McBroom has been calling out a slew of influencers for a possible bout (including KSI), AnEsongib notably challenged the ACE Family patriarch in early 2022, accusing the ACE Family YouTuber of “ducking” a bout with him.

Now, it looks like this fight is finally happening — and McBroom has his sights set on KSI next.

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