Austin McBroom announces boxing return after AnEsonGib loss

Austin McBroom returns to boxing after anesongib lossYouTube: The ACE Family

YouTube star Austin McBroom says he’s officially coming back to the boxing ring after taking an indefinite break from the sport following his loss to influencer AnEsonGib last year.

In September 2022, Austin McBroom faced off with fellow influencer AnEsonGib in the boxing ring. Although their fight was initially penned for July 30, an injury on Gib’s end caused the bout to be delayed until later that year.

However, Gib would prove to be the better boxer in spite of his previous injury, knocking out the ACE Family patriarch after four rounds.

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Shortly after his loss, McBroom claimed that he was taking an indefinite hiatus from boxing, saying he wanted to take time to focus on his family.

Six months later, McBroom is making his long-awaited comeback to the influencer-boxing scene, as told in a documentary-style YouTube video detailing the events leading up to his bout with Gib.

Austin McBroom claims he was ill night of AnEsonGib match

In the video, McBroom claimed that he began feeling feverish and ill on fight night. After taking a cold shower and drinking some electrolytes, the YouTuber wasn’t feeling any better and called his family doctor for advice.

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In his own words, McBroom claimed he “hid” a healthcare worker from the boxing commission, who traveled to the venue to give him intravenous fluids mere hours before he was supposed to step in the ring. McBroom notably lost the fight and was taken to the hospital.

Afterwards, McBroom claimed he was found to be positive for COVID, and experienced a temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Austin McBroom no longer involving Social Gloves in his boxing matches

Despite the loss, McBroom says he’s ready to put the gloves back on — but he doesn’t want Social Gloves to be involved in his fights, as he wants to focus on his bouts as a fighter and not “as a businessman.”

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The YouTuber says that he’s signed on to another promotional company and will be fighting in Europe “a few times” over this year, although he declined to divulge any more information.

This is just the latest news to come out of the influencer-boxing sphere after Jake Paul sprinted away from an altercation with Floyd Mayweather’s team.