Austin McBroom slammed by AnEsonGib for “ducking” boxing match

Austin McBroom next to AnEsonGibYouTube: The ACE Family / Instagram: anesongib

YouTuber AnEsonGib has called out The ACE Family’s Austin McBroom for “ducking” their boxing match, claiming he has yet to sign the papers to confirm it’s happening.

Influencer boxing has been a huge phenomenon in the past few years, and one of the biggest events of 2021, Battle of the Platforms, saw popular creators from both YouTube and TikTok fight it out to see who was the better platform.

The YouTubers ended up taking home the most wins, with Austin McBroom winning his headline fight against TikToker Bryce Hall, and AnEsonGib eventually taking the win against Tayler Holder after it was initially declared a controversial draw.

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Now, AnEsonGib is keen to fight McBroom in a bout of their own, but in a series of Twitter posts, he claimed that the YouTube star is “ducking” and urged him to sign the papers.

“Where is the announcement, they ask. Well, my friend. You should be asking that question to Austin McBroom, because he’s taking his sweet, sweet time to sign the papers,” he began.

“The moment he heard that it was in the UK, panic began to set in. I’ll fight him anywhere, but he has shown me his card, insecurity.”

“My last fight was about redemption in Miami which I claimed after whooping Tayler Holder round after round. But my moment was stolen from Social Gloves. So my next fight is all about revenge. It’s all about beating the sh*t out of the event organizers, a.k.a. Social Gloves, a.k.a. Austin McBroom. This is the biggest money fight out there, AnEsonGib versus Austin McBroom. A grudge match, indeed. So, Austin. Chop chop. Sign the papers.”

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He went on to write in another tweet: “McBroom is taking too long. At this point he ducking.”

The ACE Family YouTuber recently revealed to fans that he has a big boxing announcement coming in February, but whether it’s related to a fight with AnEsonGib remains to be seen.