Doctor Mike wins iDubbbz Creator Clash by unanimous decision: Results, highlights & more

Doctor Mike wins creator clashMomentHouse / Creator Clash

On May 14, 18 creators gathered together for an influencer boxing event unlike anything we’d ever seen. Orchestrated by iDubbbz, ‘Creator Clash’ took a slew of unconventional influencers and pitted them against each other in the ring for a night full of laughter, punches, and high-stakes combat — all for a good cause.

  • Doctor Mike takes home Creator Clash main card fight against iDubbbz
  • Yodeling Haley and JustaMinx made history with first women’s influencer boxing event
  • 10,000-person arena event sold out in Tampa, Florida

While Creator Clash boasted a massive fight card, audiences were most excited for the main event of the evening — OG YouTuber ‘iDubbbz’ vs certified health professional and entertainer ‘Doctor Mike.’

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The cruiserweight bout saw iDubbbz land numerous, impressive body blows on his opponent and slide through punches with slippery evasiveness, but Doctor Mike hit his fellow YouTuber with more than a few powerful headshots with careful precision.

Despite going up against an opponent with more boxing experience, iDubbbz displayed inspiring tenacity and was unwavering against Doctor Mike. The two fiercely exchanged blows in the later rounds before exhaustion and bloody noses took hold.

Doctor Mike ultimately won the bout by unanimous decision from the judges after fighting the full five rounds.

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All Creator Clash boxing results

Red Corner Blue Corner Result
SuperMega’s Matt Watson Dad Dad: Winner by TKO in Round 1
SuperMega’s Ryan Magee Alex Ernst Alex Ernst: Winner by unanimous decision
Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik DJ Welch of Animators vs Games DJ Welch: Winner by TKO in Round 2
I Did a Thing TheOdd1sOut I Did a Thing: Winner by TKO in Round 1
Yodeling Haley JustaMinx JustaMinx: Winner by TKO in Round 4
Muscle Party’s Hundar Ab ‘Starkilla’ Ayad Hundar: Winner by TKO in Round 5
Graham Stephen Michael Reeves Michael Reeves: Winner by TKO in Round 2
The Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson Harley from Epic Meal Time Harley: Winner by TKO in Round 2
iDubbbz Doctor Mike Doctor Mike: Winner by unanimous decision

Will there be another Creator Clash?

While nothing has yet been confirmed, iDubbbz essentially teased a Creator Clash 2 during the initial event’s press conference on May 13.

The YouTuber even hinted that the event would take place at the same time next year, and would return to Tampa, Florida.

Who commentated at Creator Clash?

Creator Clash featured a slew of top-tier personalities who served as commentators and hosts for the first-of-its kind charity influencer boxing event.

Among them were YouTuber Charles White, Twitch star ‘xQc,’ martial artist and content creator ‘FaZe Sensei,’ and the one and only ‘The W.A.D.E. Concept.’

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Esports commentator Akinola Verissimo led the in-ring announcements, while Twitch star ‘Esfand’ handled pre-fight interviews and horror YouTuber ‘Chills’ orchestrated post-fight interviews.

What charities benefitted from Creator Clash?

Proceeds from Creator Clash went to organizations chosen by the participating influencers, including:

  • The American Heart Association
  • The Alzheimer’s Association
  • Healing Horse Therapy Center

Proceeds will also benefit a Thanksgiving event held by FaZe Sensei and his local martial arts program.

Creator Clash: As it happened

Matt Watson vs Dad

Humanoid robot ‘Dad’ took the win in round one by TKO after hitting Matt Watson with a few punches to the head, kicking off Creator Clash with a huge bang.

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Ryan Magee vs Alex Ernst

These two influencers truly went the distance. Both fighters refused to back down, each landing an impressive amount of body blows and head shots. Despite great effort from both parties, Ernst emerged the victor by unanimous decision from the judges.

Both YouTubers hugged it out, showing impressive sportsmanship after their fierce flurry of fisticuffs.

Internet Comment Etiquette vs DJ Welch

Creator Clash’s first heavyweight bout saw DJ Welch face off against Internet Comment Etiquette. Welch’s previous experience in combat sports certainly showed, as the Animators vs Gamers creator took the victory by TKO in the second round.

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Of course, a little mortal combat wasn’t going to drive a rift between these two influencers, who hugged it out and promised to meet each other in the ring again someday.

I Did a Thing vs TheOdd1sOut

In another short bout, Australian YouTuber I Did a Thing secured the win early on in the fight, taking the victory over birthday boy  TheOdd1sOut by TKO in the first round – even giving the ref a bit of the evil eye when stoppage didn’t come as early as he thought it should.

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Yodeling Haley vs JustaMinx

The first-ever women’s influencer boxing match was a nail-biter all the way through. Both fighters held their ground and boxed like champions.

After four rounds of fierce punches, JustaMinx secured the win by TKO, securing her name in influencer boxing history.

Hundar vs AB

These influencers went the distance, taking the fight for nearly the full five rounds before referee stoppage crowned Hundar the winner by TKO.

This fight was certainly a nail-biter, with Hundar starting out as the underdog as AB appeared to dominate with good footwork and solid punches that knocked Hundar down early in the bout.

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Graham Stephen vs Michael Reeves

In one of the most highly-anticipated bouts of the evening, financial and real estate guru Graham Stephen faced off against robotics YouTuber and OfflineTV member Michael Reeves.

Reeves displayed impressive technical skill in comparison to his opponent and landed several clean head shots on Stephen, earning him the victory by TKO in Round 2.

While Reeves says he won’t box again, his performance certainly stole the show ahead of the co-main and main events.

Epic Meal Time’s Harley vs Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson

The second heavyweight bout of the night saw OG YouTuber Harley ‘The Sauce Boss’ face off against the Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson. Harley’s massive size difference certainly came as an advantage for the Epic Meal Time YouTuber, who scored the victory over The Video Game boy in the second round by TKO.

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This is far from Harley’s last bout… The 6’5 fighter called out none other than Dr Disrespect for his next fight. Only time will tell if the Two-Time Blockbuster Video Games Champ responds.

Thus ends one of the biggest influencer boxing events in history. These bouts were fought with a ton of heart, all in the name of charity.

With plenty of the participating influencers itching for another fight, it looks like a second Creator Clash is highly requested… and iDubbbz himself said “the sky is the limit” in regards to future events.

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