Who won YouTube vs TikTok Boxing? Austin McBroom KOs Bryce Hall: Highlights, results & more

Charlotte Colombo
YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing match

On 12 June, the “titans of social media” finally faced off in the ring in Live x Live’s Battle of the Platforms, aka YouTube vs TikTok. After a dramatic evening of KOs, surprise wins and controversial ties, Team YouTube reigned supreme, winning five fights while Team TikTok only took home one win.

After three rounds in the ring with Bryce Hall, a near-unscathed Austin McBroom took the big win of the night and seemed hungry to step back in the ring for a new challenge.

Overall, Team YouTube walked out 5-1 winners, with FaZe Clan’s Jarvis achieving the only knockout of the night, defeating Michael Le.

  • Team YouTube win YouTube vs TikTok boxing 5-1, including one draw
  • McBroom beats Bryce in TKO, “guarantees” he will take to the ring again
  • Tanner Fox and Ryland Storms fight scrapped – “I’m still gonna beat [Ryland’s] ass, just not today”
  • Gib redeems himself after Jake Paul loss but vows rematch with Tayler Holder after shock majority draw
  • FaZe Jarvis achieves only total KO of the night after flooring Michael Le

YouTube vs TikTok Fight schedule, results

YouTuber TikToker Results
Ryan Johnston Cale Saurage Ryan Johnson: Winner by stopping Saurage
Landon McBroom Ben Azelart Landon McBroom: Winner by TKO
FaZe Jarvis Michael Le FaZe Jarvis: Winner by KO
DDG Nate Wyatt DDG: Winner by Unanimous Decision
AnEsonGib Tayler Holder AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder: Majority Draw
Deji Vinnie Hacker Vinnie Hacker: Winner by TKO
Austin McBroom Bryce Hall Austin McBroom: Winner by TKO

Is YouTube vs TikTok boxing coming back?

After the first year, people are eager to know if there will be a round 2 of YouTube vs TikTok.

Currently, that doesn’t seem likely, given some of the controversies that surrounded the event, but, on the positive side, many of the competitors have said that they would like to fight again, including McBroom, Bryce Hall, and Deji.

Deji himself has even called out Bryce Hall for a fight – which could be the catalyst for another Battle of the Platforms event.

How much were YouTube vs TikTok fighters paid?

This is one of the main controversies of the event: payment. Things first started to look off when rumors about missing PPV targets swirled.

McBroom responded to the claims that the event only sold 100,000 PPVs, saying: “100,000 PPV buys is [cap]. Only the haters want to believe that. These people who are scamming… are basically saying all of us fighters [and our] fanbases ain’t sh*t.

“We all know Social Gloves put on one of the biggest social media events in history as all of you watched. The real numbers will come out soon. Just know Social Gloves weren’t the ones who collected PPV numbers [and] purchases.”

On June 25, 2021, Social Gloves, the organizer, responded to claims that fighters had not been paid. The company said they were “working tirelessly to verify the financial results” of the event. Both Vinnie Hacker and Josh Richards claimed that participants at the event had not been paid.

YouTube vs TikTok: As it Happened

Johnston beats Saurage after two eight counts and savage flurry of punches

As ringside host Keemstar pointed out, “this is turning into a bloodbath.” A slow Round 1 narrowly went to Saurage at 10-9, while things heated up in Round 2 with Johnston winning the round with a last-minute before the bell. After bringing the score to an even 10-10 in Round 2, Johnston continues to reign supreme Round 3 and 4, with the referee calling a standing eight-count in each round after Johnston got in killer punches against Saurage.

After another brutal beating by Johnston in Round 5, Saurage seems a little relieved when the referee stops the fight. Overall, Ryan landed 45 punches in comparison to Cale’s 16. As the win goes to Johnston, he quips: “I expected [Saurage] to have better shorts.”

Landon McBroom beats Ben Azelart thirty seconds into Round 2

With Ben Azelart admitting he hadn’t thrown a single punch until a month prior to the fight, people were skeptical of his chances against YouTuber Landon McBroom. But nobody could have anticipated just how quickly the fight would be called.

After an early eight-count twenty seconds into Round 1, the fight was called in McBroom’s favor thirty seconds into Round 2 after a second standing eight count for Azelart.

YouTube up 3-0 with FaZe Jarvis win

British YouTuber FaZe Jarvis, who was recently on the cover of Sports Illustrated, emerged victorious in the first PPV undercard of the night against TikToker Michael Le. With two standing eight counts for Le in Round 1, the TikTok star is later floored with a vicious right hook in Round 2, as Jarvis wins with a KO.

Unsurprisingly, FaZe was able to pack in 20 power punches while Michael only got in a pitiful 4.

In the post-match interview, excited Faze said: “This s**t doesn’t feel real right now. I feel like screaming from the top of my lungs.” He says he is “100%” ready to carry on his boxing career, and is just waiting for the contracts to start rolling in!

YouTube pick up fourth consecutive win as DDG and Wyatt go the distance

YouTuber and musician DDG didn’t just rap his way into the ring – he also came to win. While DDG won by a mile with forty punches to TikTok star Nate Wyatt’s eight, this is the first fight of the night to go the full five-round distance – although there were two standing eights in Round 1 and Round 3 respectfully.

In his post-fight interview, DDG didn’t only give a nod to Nate for being able to last the whole time, saying he “didn’t expect” him to, he also dropped the bombshell that he was quitting YouTube for good. He also claimed that despite his clear win, he didn’t train for the fight at all, spending last night in an adult club.

Vinnie Hacker gives TikTok their first win of the night with TKO against Deji Olatunji

It looks like Hype House star Vinnie Hacker was greatly underestimated in the run-up to this fight, but he definitely silenced critics and scored a much-needed win for Team TikTok by KO-ing YouTuber Deji Olatunji in Round 3.

After a slightly slower bout between DDG and Nate Wyatt, there was a lot of energy during this fight, with both content creators going all in. Although the fight seemed tipped in Deji’s favor at first, Hacker’s Round 2 right hook changed the trajectory of the match. As he continued to power punch a cornered Deji in Round 3, the referee stopped the fight.

Interestingly, despite Hacker being a clear winner, he threw narrowly fewer punches than Deji: with the final stats coming in at 20 for Hacker and 22 for Deji. Appearing a little dazed in his post-match interview, Vinnie thanked his fans and Team TikTok.

AnEsOnGib claims he “beat” Holder in shock majority draw decision

Gib appeared to be one of the only ‘real’ boxers on the card tonight, with an undefeated 2-0 amateur boxing record. Meanwhile, Holder has trained with the likes of Canelo Alvarez. The clear aggressor, Gib had a strong start in the first couple of rounds, with Holder appearing to go for a more tactical approach, perhaps hoping that Gib will tire himself out.

It seems like all of Gib’s training has paid off, as he continues to come to his own with aggressive and seemingly infinite stamina. While Holder was tipped as the favorite to win the fight, it seems that when push came to shove, he froze. However, the stadium and even Holder appeared shocked when the fight was ultimately billed a majority draw. Gib landed a total of 47 punches, while Holder only landed 21.

Reacting to the judges’ shock decision, Gib said: “Respect to Tayler, I beat you. I know in my heart that I won.” Although Holder seemed proud of his performance, claiming that “there is a lot of s**t I fought through to get here,” he too admitted that the decision was “bull****.”  With Gib promising to “put [Holder] to sleep” in a rematch, it looks like the story isn’t over between these two.

Bryce Hall v Austin McBroom

While the two start off with a surprising glove touch, McBroom gives a consistently strong performance throughout. As the referee encourages the two to fight clean, with two points being deducted from Hall for underhand tactics, a bloody-nosed Bryce had clearly lost control by Round 2, as he angrily insists he’s “good” during a standing eight count.

After a second standing eight count in Round 3, with a dazed Hall taking a few blows to the head, the fight is called in Austin’s favor. Surprisingly, despite the tension between the two over the last three months, their beef has clearly been settled as the two embraced and chatted post-fight.

In his winning interview, Austin said: “The ACE Family is one strong ass army, and none of this will be possible without them.” Crediting his opponent, he added: “A lot of people want me to continue to talk s**t about Bryce Hall, but I gotta show him love because there’s not a lot of people who will do what he did.”

When asked whether he would call anyone else for a fight, Austin remained mysterious, saying: “I think we all know the name. I think the fans know what they want. I guarantee I’m gonna fight again.”


Meanwhile, seemingly taking his loss on the chin, Hall said in his interview: “I didn’t think this many people wanted to see a TikToker box, but we’re here. I’m not a boxer, I’m not a fighter, I never claimed to be a fighter, but next time, we’ll see.”

McBroom ultimately threw 29 punches throughout the fight compared to Hall’s 1o. McBroom’s win meant that it was a firm victory for YouTube in Battle of the Platforms, as they won five of the scheduled fights as well as taking home a draw.

What happened to Ryland Storms and Tanner Fox’s scheduled bout?

According to Ryland Storms, Tanner Fox has made the decision to pull out of the event, despite having already attended the weigh-in. He says they’re currently trying to find a replacement, but at such short notice, there’s a chance their fight might not go ahead.

Fox has since responded to these claims in a TikTok, saying that despite the twenty pounds weight difference between him and Storms, he was still willing to “fight whoever.” He later claimed in an interview live at the event that despite being willing to sign a “death waiver” and wear headgear, the commission “didn’t want to let it happen.”

However, Storms later contradicted these claims, reaffirming his belief that Tanner was to blame for the fight not happening because he “didn’t want to reach his weight” and didn’t even want to show up to rehearsals the day before the event.

If YouTubers vs TikTokers returns for a round two in 2022, we’ll keep you up to date right here.