Sneako demolished by UFC fighter Sean Strickland in bloody sparring session

Rory Teale
Strickland Sneako

Sneako called out former UFC middleweight champion Sean Stricklan to a sparring match but ended up suffering from a heavily bleeding nose after Strickland demolished him.

Sneako has been quite the controversial figure since his rise to fame. The rumble streamer has engaged in beef with many other popular influencers, like MoistCr1TiKal and Bradley Martin, but this time chose a professional fighter to confront.

His fighter of choice was Sean Strickland, who in 2023 gained the Middleweight Championship belt after a surprise upset victory against Israel Adesanya. Strickland is also no stranger to the social media space, having been on the Joe Rogan (who recently secured a massive deal with Spotify) podcast, gaining popularity for his brutal attitude towards fighting and sparring.

So, Sneako found out first-hand why other fighters, like Jake Shields, recommended against the “bad idea” of sparring against Strickland.

Sneako rescued from Sparring beating

The sparring session was held inside an MMA octagon at the UFC Performance Institute and streamed on Rumble.

For the first two minutes, Strickland let the streamer show off his boxing skills and jab Sean lightly to the body and head, all the while teasing the streamer.

“Let’s see the influencer,” said Strickland. “Are you gonna be a f**king man? […] You’re about to feel a significantly more amount of pain.”

When the round clock hit the 2-minute mark, Strickland stopped teasing Sneako and fired heavy straights, hooks, and uppercuts at the streamer.

Sneako’s team saw the punches rocking Sneako and threw in multiple white towels, which would usually stop the fight or spar, but Strickland continued. Eventually, with Sneako curled up on the defensive, bleeding out of his nose, former UFC fighter Forrest Griffin stepped in to stop the fight.

While Sneako gained praise from fans for not getting knocked out in the sparring match, people are sure that it will be quite a while before he asks for another spar with a UFC fighter.

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