Jake Paul confirms boxing return after 8 month break

Bill Cooney

Jake Paul has officially revealed he’ll be returning to the boxing ring in 2022, with a set date for the fight already.

Following the Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano fight on Saturday, April 30, which Paul was a co-promoter for, the influencer teased his return to the ring.

Paul hasn’t fought since his rematch with Tyron Woodley on December 18, 2021. However, the social media star-turned-boxer revealed when he’ll be back in action on May 1.

Jake Paul reveals 2022 fight date

In a tweet on May 1, Paul revealed that he would be headed back into the ring on August 13, 2022 by tweeting “I’m back,” along with the date.

Other than a promise to return and a set date, there’s not too much on what we can expect once August 13 does roll around.

A third rematch with Woodley, or a reunion with any of his previous opponents is probably pretty slim, based on the disappointing return Paul vs. Woodley II brought in PPV-wise.

So, one of the biggest questions remaining since we know when the fight will be happening, is who will Jake Paul be facing off against?

Who will Jake Paul fight on August 13?

Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul interview side-by-side
Paul has come under fire for not fighting “real” boxers in his fights, could that change this time?

In his tweet, Paul makes no mention at all of who he’s fighting, but that info should surely be coming out in the months and weeks leading up to the fight.

We may not know exactly who Jake will be facing, but there has been plenty of criticism about him not fighting a “real” boxer in any of his fights yet. Will that change for the August 13 bout? All we can do for now, is wait and see.

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