Austin McBroom to box AnEsonGib after YouTubers vs TikTokers fallout

Austin McBroom to box Anesongib this julyInstagram: austinmcbroom, social gloves

ACE Family star Austin McBroom is officially slated to fight fellow influencer AnEsonGib nearly a year after the fallout of the infamous YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event.

In June 2021, fourteen YouTubers and TikTokers faced off in the boxing ring to determine the superior platform.

Ultimately, team YouTube ended up sweeping the competition. The ACE Family’s Austin McBroom notably wiped the floor with his opponent, TikToker Bryce Hall, in the evening’s main event.

Since then, the ACE Family has been involved in a number of lawsuits, with a number of influencers claiming they hadn’t been paid after participating in the boxing extravaganza hosted by LiveOne.

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YouTubers vs TikTokers fight posterInstagram: LiveXLive
2021’s Social Gloves YouTubers vs TikTokers event saw a big win for Team YouTube. Now, LiveOne is set to make a comeback with an even bigger lineup of stars.

McBroom’s legal troubles with LiveOne were finally resolved early in 2022. The ACE Family has moved out of their foreclosed home in favor of greener pastures, and has taken a break from their YouTube channel, leaving fans curious as to what McBroom has coming up next.

It looked like McBroom was itching to box British YouTube star KSI a few months ago — but it seems his next opponent is a different British influencer.

Austin McBroom settles social gloves youtubers vs tiktokers lawsuitYouTube: The ACE Family
Austin McBroom has fought in one influencer boxing match thus far, which he won. Gib has a 3-1 record, with one loss against Jake Paul.

On June 7, 2022, YouTuber AnEsonGib posted a fight poster to his Instagram account, claiming that he’s set to face off against McBroom in the boxing ring this year.

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This comes as a welcome development for Gib, who accused McBroom of “ducking” a boxing match with him in January of this year.

Gib boasts a 3-1 boxing record, with one loss against Jake Paul. He has beaten fellow influencers MaxPlaysFIFA, Jay Swingler, and Tayler Holder.

His bout against McBroom is slated for July 30 — just a few weeks prior to both KSI and Jake Paul’s separate boxing comeback matches in August.

According to Gib, his upcoming fight is a professional bout, although precious little information has been offered thus far. The match, which is being hosted by Social Gloves, will take place at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles, California.

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McBroom posted a similar fight poster to his own Instagram account, where he called out Gib in a lengthy caption… as well as KSI.

“Lil Gibby better appreciate this opportunity, especially after barely beating his last opponent,” he wrote. “Might as well count this as charity work. … KSI, I’ll see you in the ring next at the end of the year…IF you beat your next opponent!”


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Austin McBroom teases major fighters for AnEsonGib boxing match

That’s not all; in an interview with TMZ, McBroom claimed that some big names will be taking part in the fast-flying fisticuffs. He named Pro Bowl running back Le’Veon Bell, a former Lakers player, big musicians, and a former player for the Steelers, although no other names have been dropped just yet.

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McBroom also spoke out on the drama ensuing from Social Gloves’ last foray into the boxing space, saying that  he’s got a better handle on things this time around.

“Everything in the past is behind us,” he claimed. “No lawsuits, fighters are paid, and we’re ready to do this thing the right way and put on a show how it was supposed to be put on the first time around.”

For now, it’s uncertain who KSI’s next opponent will be — but it’s clear that McBroom has his sights set on the British rapper if he manages to take out Gib next month.

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