KSI says he is returning to boxing to finally “f**k Jake Paul up”

Connor Bennett
KSI and Jake Paul side-by-side with fists balled

YouTube star JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji says he’s making his return to boxing so that he can finally get his long-awaited fight with Jake Paul, but it won’t be happening anytime soon. 

When the influencer boxing craze kicked off back in 2018, KSI was right at the forefront of things. The Brit settled his beef with Joe Weller inside the boxing ring, and turned his attention to Logan Paul afterwards.

After defeating Logan, it seemed as if KSI was on a collision course to fight his brother Jake soon after. Though, that didn’t happen. Jake has, instead, moved on to fighting former NBA and Mixed Martial Arts stars, while KSI hasn’t fought since his bout with Logan back in 2019.

The pair have always talked about eventually squaring off inside the ring, and even though Jake’s promotion recently poured cold water on the prospect of it happening, KSI is still targeting a fight with his long-time rival.

Jake paul and ksi faceoff
Jake Paul and KSI notably had a tense face-to-face confrontation after Jake’s victory over AnEsonGib in early 2020. The two still have yet to face off, though.

A clip from one of KSI’s concerts captured the attention of fans after it started doing the rounds on TikTok. While taking a break from his show, the YouTuber addressed some claims that he wouldn’t return to boxing, despite all the talk.

“It’s so funny, so many motherf**kers think ‘he ain’t going to box again, he’ll stick with the music’ and to be honest, I probably could have,” KSI told the crowd. “But I was like nah man, I need to f**k Jake Paul up! So you best believe it’s coming.”

The YouTuber also reiterated the fact that he’ll return to the ring in late August, and then after that, he wants to trade blows with his long-time rival.

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As noted, a fight between the pair is something that has been talked about for years at this point, and while there is plenty of interest, who knows if it’ll ever happen.

KSI has remained a part of Jake’s boxing ‘hitlist’ but he also wants to be a world champion and fight the likes of Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens after their respective summer fights.

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