Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib postponed just week before boxing match

Virginia Glaze
Austin McBroom postpones anesongib fight

YouTube star Austin McBroom has announced that his July 30 boxing match against fellow creator AnEsonGib might be canceled just a week out from fight night.

Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib have been beefing ever since the Battle of the Platforms in 2021. Gib notably wanted “revenge” against McBroom over the legal fallout that followed, and finally got his chance in 2022.

The two were slated to face off in the boxing ring on July 30... but it looks like this anticipated fight won’t take place – for now.

On July 20 – ten days before the match – McBroom uploaded a video to social media claiming that their fight may be postponed.

Austin McBroom to box Anesongib this july
AnEsonGib wants to take revenge on Austin McBroom over last year’s YouTubers vs TikTok drama.

According to McBroom, the blame falls neither on him nor his promotional company, Social Gloves, and instead left it up to Gib to explain in the near future.

“I just woke up to some unfortunate news this morning from my team,” he began. “I’m sad, frustrated, pissed off. All I can say is that it has nothing to do with me or Social Gloves.”

“But the fight – Austin vs Gib – may potentially have to be postponed. Out of respect for Gib, I’m gonna let him explain his situation.”

McBroom went on to state that his team wishes him to continue with the event and pick a new opponent – but with just a week left, it’s unclear if he’ll be able to snag a sub in time.

McBroom’s Instagram post included a possible allusion to Gib’s health, as Austin wrote in the caption: “Health comes first.”

AnEsonGib responds to McBroom fight delay

It wasn’t long before AnEsonGib enlightened fans about the abrupt change in schedule by citing additional physicals that he needs to take.

“I’m primed to fight this individual,” he said. “But unfortunately I’ve been told I have to do more medicals for this to be sanctioned as a pro fight.”

AnEsonGib will be on his way to LA soon to perform the necessary tests, and Social Gloves told the YouTuber that the “fight is not cancelled, it is postponed.”

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