Conor McGregor responds to Deji vs Mayweather boxing exhibition

Virginia Glaze
Conor McGregor reacts to Deji vs Mayweather

MMA legend Conor McGregor has given his two cents on the upcoming boxing match between YouTube star Deji and the undefeated Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

Another high-profile influencer boxing match is taking over the internet as British YouTuber Deji prepares to take on undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather this November.

This matchup came as quite a surprise to fans; the announcement came shortly after the very first win in Deji’s career against fellow influencer FouseyTube on August 27, following three back-to-back losses against other creators like Vinnie Hacker and Alex Wassabi.

However, this isn’t the first influencer Mayweather has fought. He notably faced off against YouTube star Logan Paul in 2021 — a bout from which Logan still has yet to see a single cent.

Conor McGregor laughs off Deji vs Mayweather bout

This latest unexpected match between Deji and Mayweather is turning heads across the combat sports world… and has even caught the attention of Conor McGregor.

‘The Notorious’ shared his reaction to the news in a Tweet on October 4, and it doesn’t look like he’s too impressed by this exhibition match. In fact, he merely laughed off the idea, simply writing “haha” in response to a fan asking him if he favored Floyd or Deji.

It’s worth noting that Mayweather and McGregor boxed in one of the biggest combat sports events in history back in 2017, where Mayweather emerged victorious by TKO in the 10th round — so, influencer bout or no, this particular clapback doesn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Thus far, it looks like Mayweather is the obvious favorite for this upcoming bout; even KSI appeared to favor Maywather over his little bro, saying in a recent YouTube video that he merely wants his sibling to “go the distance” against the 50-0 champ.

In contrast, Logan Paul has claimed that he’s willing to fight Deji if he performs well against Mayweather — potentially on the undercard of KSI vs Jake Paul in 2023, if that bout ever comes to pass.

For now, fans are looking toward Jake Paul’s upcoming fight with Anderson Silva in October, ringing in yet another major win for the influencer-boxing scene ahead of Deji’s bout with Mayweather a month later.