Alex Wassabi wins Deji fight by split decision: results, highlights & roundup

Zackerie Fairfax
deji vs alex wassabi fight

The UK vs USA event ended with Alex Wassabi taking the main card bout over YouTuber Deji after with both fighters absorbing blows throughout. Here are the complete results and highlights from the entire night.

Influencer boxing has become quite the spectacle, especially for massive creators like Logan Paul, Jake Paul, and KSI. However, KSI’s younger brother Deji is still seeking to find his first win in the ring.

The 25-year-old YouTube star, who lost to Jake Paul in 2018, will have to wait a little while longer after Alex ‘Wassabi’ Burris got the judge’s favor in the end.

Here’s everything you need of the fight night results from the bonus matches to the main spectacle.

deji vs alex wassabi fight day
YouTubers Deji and Alex Wassabi headlined the UK vs US fight night.

Deji vs Alex Wassabi: Fight Card

Deji vs Alex Wassabi is the main event of the influence boxing event, but there are several fights to look forward to beforehand. There are a total of eight fights including the main event, co-main event, four undercard fights, and two bonus fights.

Main Events

  • Deji vs Alex Wassabi – (Decision)
  • King Kenny vs Faze Temperrr –  (Decision)


  • Kristen Hanby vs Vitaly – (Draw)
  • Arms Korleone vs Minikon – (Decision)
  • vs DK Money – (Fighter disqualified)
  • Anthony Taylor vs Jay Cucciniello – (Decision)
  • Stromedy vs Austin Sprinz – (Decision)

Bonus Fights

  • Salt Papi vs Halal Ham (Decision)
deji vs wassabi weigh in
Deji and Wassabi came face-to-face during their weigh-in on March 4th.

Alex Wassabi wins his boxing debut against Deji

The Main Event between Deji and Alex Wassabi wasn’t the most entertaining of the night, save for an audience member who jumped into the ring to advertise his TikTok. The slow start consisted of a few traded blows during the first three rounds.

The final two rounds were explosive with both fighters landing some of the match’s most critical hits. However, Alex Wassabi was able to capitalize on an exhausted Deji’s late-game composure. The actor and YouTuber Alex Wassabi was named the winner by split decision making Deji’s record 0-3.

“This guy’s tough, he has heart. I love him,” Wassabi stated referring to Deji. “I didn’t realize how tough it was gonna be. I didn’t hear one cheer for me in this whole crowd, but I knew what I was capable of.”

Undercard Results

The first fight between Salt Papi and Halal Ham ended after three rounds with Salt Papi taking the victory. In a post-match interview, Salt Papi stated, “I don’t like to talk. I let my fists do the talking for me.”

The second fight was the first for the undercard with Stromedy vs Austin Sprinz. The Canadian boxer Stromedy fought reserved through the first couple of rounds but took home the victory by a majority score. Despite jokingly putting their cars and homes on the line, neither Stromedy nor Sprinz will be forfeiting their property.

The third bout between Anthony ‘Pretty Boy’ Taylor and Jay ‘The Mellow Fellow’ Cucciniello was quite the boring fight. The commentators were convinced the match would end in a draw, but The Mellow Fellow pulled out a unanimous victory after four rounds.

The fourth match between DK Money and Ryan Taylor ended before the match could even get going. An intentional headbutt thrown by Ryan Taylor led to his disqualification.

Following a controversial match, the fifth match was between Arms Korleone and Minikon. Both fighters delivered an explosive four rounds ending in a majority victory for Arms Korleone. Despite being the victory, Korleone needed immediate medical attention and was carted out of the arena on a stretcher.

The sixth fight between Vitaly and Kristen Hanby was a wild one to be sure. Vitaly entered the fight as the villain, and the commentators were heavily favoring Hanby for controlling the pace of the fight.

But during round three, Hanby lost his discipline and threw three intentional headbutts turning the crowd and casters against him. Round four was an all-out slugfest ending with a majority draw.

The Co-Main Event between Faze Temperrr and King Kenny was reminiscent of David vs Goliath. Temperrr’s height advantage gave him control of the first few rounds, but Kenny was able to land some impressive hits in round 4.

Going into round 5, it was hard to tell who would walk away from the fight with a win. After the final bell sounded, the victor, King Kenny, was announced by split decision.


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