Jake Paul defeats Anderson Silva after 8 rounds: live results, fight card & more

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How to watch jake paul vs anderson silva

Jake Paul entered his biggest fight yet against Brazilian MMA star Anderson Silva, and took home the victory after going the eight-round distance. Here’s everything you need to know to catch the action live.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is gearing up for the biggest bout of his career.

This will mark his first fight of 2022; initially, Paul was slated to face off against Tommy Fury on August 6, but travel problems kept the British boxer out of America’s borders, and weight issues with replacement Hasim Rahman Jr. ended up getting the fight canceled for good.

Luckily Paul was able to score the match of a lifetime, announcing a bout with Anderson Silva, that would end in a win for the Problem Child.


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Jake Paul’s bout against Tyron Woodley in 2021 was the most recent match for ‘The Problem Child.’

Paul vs Silva Fight card & results

UndercardChris Avila vs Dr. Mike VarshavskiCruiserweightChris AvilaUnanimous Decision
UndercardUriah Hall vs Le’Veon BellCruiserweightUriah HallUnanimous Decision
UndercardAlexandro Santiago vs Antonio NievesBantamweightAlexandro SantiagoTKO
Co-Main EventAshton Sylve vs Braulio RodriguezSuper FeatherweightAshton SylveFirst Round KO
Main EventJake Paul vs Anderson Silva185-pound CatchweightJake PaulUnanimous Decision

Jake Paul defeats childhood hero Anderson Silva

The Main Event of the night saw young spry Jake Paul face off against the living MMA legend Anderson Silva. Despite a hiccup that nearly led to the fight being canceled, the two made it to the ring for a fight that would be as electric as it is exciting.

Having met Silva 12 years ago at a local MMA event, Paul has continuously called his opponent his childhood hero. Now, the 25-year-old problem child is facing his hero in an eight-round bout. But commentators and spectators alike have concerns as Silva is attempting a high-octane boxing match at 47 years old.

Jake Paul predicted he would win the fight by stoppage before the end of the fifth round, but Silva claims his experience will outweigh the age difference ending in a win for the MMA veteran. And with 14k+ people in attendance, the crowd watched with bated breath hoping Silva would deliver in “teaching this kid a lesson.”

But the crowd being on Silva’s side didn’t phase Paul. The former vlogger started with his iconic jab flashes, but Silva easily avoided Paul’s shots. And as the commentators predicted, Silva spent the majority of the first round observing his opponent and learning his moves. Anderson was then able to capitalize on his intel and land a heavy blow with his left hand.

Silva carried the momentum over from the end of round one into round two, forcing Paul into the ropes and turning the tide of the fight. And while he is more familiar with MMA, Silva looked incredibly comfortable in round two, when at times Paul looked sheepish.

Paul needed to overcome his frustration in order to get back into the fight. And while he looked more comfortable in round three, Silva looked unphased by anything Jake threw at him.

The fight slowed in round four as blood poured from Silva’s nose. Despite his injury, he was still able to dodge Jake’s punches – even if by mere millimeters. But as the round progressed, and Paul chipped at his defenses, more and more punches found their way through Silva’s guard. But the round ended with both fighters looking like they still have a decent shot at victory.

Despite Paul predicting a fifth-round knockout, the Problem Child wouldn’t get so lucky. In fact, Silva dominated Jake in the first half of round five. He landed an incredible amount of right-handed uppercuts while keeping Paul on the ropes, easily winning the fifth round.

But Jake seemingly found his stride in round six landing a considerable number of blows. However, Silva continued to match his tenacity with every attack.

Silva would look gassed in round seven as Jake was finally able to land a series of volatile shots, both to Silva’s body and face. While he was able to come alive near the end of the round, Paul left Silva feeling frustrated.

Anderson would open round eight with a level of intensity the bout had yet to see, but he overextended himself allowing Paul to send him to the mat. The fight resumed, but both fighters quickly became exhausted. Time counted down and the bell sounded signifying Jake Paul and Anderson Silva had made it the distance.

The decision went to the officials – and likely thanks to the knockdown in round eight – Jake Paul won the match by unanimous decision.


Chris Avila vs Dr. Mike fight results

Dr. Mike stepped back into the ring for the first time since his bout with iDubbbz during the Creator Clash to kick off the night. Not only was this the event’s inaugural fight, but it was also the professional debut for People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’.

His opponent, Chris Avila, stepped into the ring with a 1-1 record looking to bring his record into the positive. But the Doctor used his size to his advantage putting pressure on Avila for the majority of the first round. However, Avila was able to slip past Mike’s punches to land a few considerable blows of his own.

The second round saw a bit more aggression from Dr. Mike. He dug into his arsenal to throw jabs and uppercuts, but none dealing any real damage to Avila. Chris Avila, on the other hand, was able to connect multiple times during the round throwing Mike off his aggressive style and stumbling into round three.

The third round was a mirror image of round one. Avila took an aggressive stance in an attempt to capitalize on the momentum from round two. Despite his smaller stature, Avila dictated the flow of the fight and dominated his opponent.

Going into the fourth and final round, Dr. Mike would have to secure a knockout in order to win this fight. His performance up until now had been less than impressive, and round four wouldn’t look much different. Dr. Mike tried to fight through fatigue and pain, but Avila never gave Mike the respite he needed. Keeping the pressure on and punishing Mike’s sluggish punches, Avila took his opponent the distance and won by unanimous decision.

Uriah Hall vs Le’Veon Bell fight results

The second fight of the night also featured a pro debut from former professional football player Le’Veon Bell. However, his opponent is a formidable fighter, former professional MMA fighter, and middleweight knockout record holder Uriah Hall. Hall also possesses a slight height and reach advantage.

Bell’s unique movement gave him a decent opening in round one. He was able to land multiple body blows throughout the round, but Hall was barely phased by the shots. Regardless, Bell’s movement and pressure dictated the pace for the majority of the round. That was until Hall found his aggression and landed powerful hits that knocked Bell out of his comfort zone.

Round two started with a renewed tenacity from Hall, and his long-time experience in the octagon began to show. But the fight slowed to a crawl as both fighters lost their steam. The pace of the fight frustrated the crowd who began to ‘boo’, urging Hall and Bell to throw more punches.

Hall, once again, started the third round with a level of intensity he couldn’t keep up for long. The round featured a lot of hugging and misplaced jabs drawing even more ‘boos’ from the crowd. A notable hit was landed by Bell late in the third round, but the fighters staggered into round four.

Hall and Bell started round four with zero gas in the tank. They spent the majority of the final round leaning on one another and throwing some half-hearted punches, but Uriah Hall would walk away the victor of the rather uneventful fight. Regardless, Le’Veon Bell could consider this fight a moral victory as he was able to go the distance against a much more experienced opponent.

Alexandro Santiago vs Antonio Nieves fight results

The third fight of the night featured a rematch between Alexandro Santiago and Antonio Nieves. The two fought in 2016, but their initial bout ended in a tie. Now, each fighter is aiming to walk away from this matchup with the victory they thought they deserved six years ago.

Scheduled for 10 rounds, the bantamweight fighters would have to last four in order for the fight to be ruled an official bout. But from the get-go, this fight felt more professional than the previous two.

The first two rounds went by in a flash as both fighters bounced around the ring, throwing lighting fast punches, and failing to connect with any big hits. But in round 3, Santiago caught Nieves with a critical blow followed by a flurry of punches. He would go on to control the fight for the next few minutes.

The fighters, who possessed unlimited energy in the first three rounds, started to slow down in round four. They focused more on putting power behind their punches, and their defense suffered a as result. While neither fighter landed hits that turned the tide of the match, more hits snuck through in round four than in the first three rounds.

But round five was when the bout really started to turn in Santiago’s favor. While Nieves was able to throw a few decent hooks, Santiago spent the entirety of round five on the offensive. However, the fighters still had the second half of the fight ahead of them.

Round six would prove that the previous round was a fight-changing round. The Santiago dominated for the entirety of the three minutes and carried his momentum into the seventh. Santiago would spend the last minute of the fight marching down Nieves, throwing devastating jabs when the opportunities arose.

Before the eighth round could begin, Nieves would throw in the towel giving Santiago the win by stoppage. The 14th win for Alexandro would also be the biggest victory of his career.

Ashton Sylve vs Braulio Rodriguez fight results

18-year-old Ashton Sylve, with a record of 7-0, would be stepping into the ring against his most challenging opponent yet, Braulio Rodriguez. Scheduled for eight rounds, this would be Rodriguez’s first professional fight in 35 months. And while Sylve is known for his knockout wins, Rodriguez hasn’t won a fight via knockout since 2015.

Sylve is used to knocking out his opponents in four rounds or less, but that didn’t stop Rodriguez from taunting his opponent at the start of round one. And just when he started to come alive, Sylve sent him to the mat within the first 35 seconds.

Unable to regain his composure, the fight was decided in less than a minute giving Sylve his eighth consecutive win.

When is Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva?

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva will face off on Saturday, October 29, 2022. The event is set to kick off at 9 PM EST | 6 PM PST | 2 AM BST.

This match comes nearly three months after his previously scheduled fight on August 6, which was ultimately canceled.

Where to watch Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

Fans can catch Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva via Showtime on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

The bout will take place at the Gila River Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva PPV Price & where to buy

At the time of writing, fans can purchase the pay-per-view on Showtime for $59.99. Fans can buy the PPV now.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva fight card

The full fight card for Paul vs Silva features four other major bouts. Silva and Paul are set to weigh in at a contracted 187 lbs for the main event.

  • MAIN EVENT: Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva
  • Ashton Sylve vs. Braulio Rodriguez
  • Alexandro Santiago vs. Antonio Nieves
  • Uriah Hall vs. Le’Veon Bell
  • Chris Avila vs. Dr. Mike Varshavski

Is the Paul vs Silva fight still happening?

Jake Paul nearly had his fight with Anderson Silva canceled following concerns about Silva’s conditions leading up to the bout. This would have been Paul’s third canceled fight in a row. However, the Arizona Boxing and MMA Commission are allowing Silva to fight following extra medical exams.

The concerns arose when Silva “misspoke” during an interview where he said his sparring partner knocked him out twice. Luckily, the extra medical exams revealed Silva is fit to fight. The fighters are also on weight meaning the fight is set to continue as scheduled.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva: A history

Longtime fans of Jake Paul know that this fight against Anderson Silva has been a long time coming.

Silva himself has expressed admiration for both Paul brothers in the past, saying the bombastic YouTube duo “changed” combat sports and said he “respects” both influencers.

Although Jake was leery of taking a fight with “the Spider,” he has since changed his tune, and is now finally locked in to take on the Brazilian fighter in one of the biggest YouTube boxing events since Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather last year.

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