Logan Paul on KSI vs Jake Paul fight: “I have to go with my blood”

Eleni Thomas
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Logan Paul has weighed in on the upcoming fight between KSI and Jake Paul and confirmed that he will be backing his brother even though it’ll be a “sensitive time” for him picking between business and family.

Jake Paul vs KSI is one boxing match the fans are hanging on the edges of their seats to see. However, the future face off does put Logan Paul in an awkward situation. While Jake is of course his brother, Logan Paul and KSI are business partners and co-creators of PRIME Hydration.

On the latest episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan discussed the potential fight between the two, discussing the role he will play in the lead up to it.

“It is going to be a sensitive time for me, jokes aside. But at the end of the day you gotta go with blood.” Logan then went on to add how it’s “going to be a really difficult time in my life when KSI fights Jake.”

However, Logan revealed that he has spoken with KSI about the situation and how, despite their friendship and business relationship, he will be on Jake’s side.

“Bro you know I love you but I have to go with my blood.”

And while he is backing brother Jake, Logan will try his best to avoid engaging in any of the trash talk and online discourse in the lead up to the match, explaining how, “it’s going to be a bit hands off when it comes to the chatter” and that he’s “going to stay out of it.”

Finally, Logan did point out how while it may be an uncomfortable position for him to be in, it is also one that he can benefit from greatly.

“If Jake wins my family name has that much more strength to it, if JJ wins Prime goes up 1 billion dollars in valuation.”

KSI vs Jake Paul is a fight fans have been begging to see for years now. While KSI has reportedly agreed to a 2023 match, Jake continues to state online that he thinks the match will never go ahead. Recently, Jake even offered to fight KSI for free.

Before that showdown takes place though, Jake Paul will be stepping into the ring with former UFC champion Anderson Silva on October 29, 2022.

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