Logan Paul down to fight Deji at KSI vs Jake Paul if he bests Floyd Mayweather

Brad Norton
Logan Paul next to Deji

Logan Paul is ready to spice up the YouTube boxing landscape once again with a potential bout against Deji in the cards for 2023 on the KSI vs Jake Paul event should he get past Floyd Mayweather.

One year removed from Logan’s historic clash with Mayweather, an unprecedented event that saw the social media celeb go the distance with boxing’s best, another YouTuber is now set to take on the challenge.

Coming off his first-ever win, KSI’s younger brother Deji is now locked in for an exhibition match against the undefeated boxing icon on November 13. Exactly how we got here is anyone’s guess, but if Deji holds his own in Dubai later this year, there could be another huge opportunity waiting in the wings.

Should Deji look good in the upcoming contest, perhaps even if he beats an aging Mayweather in the conventional sense, Logan is onboard to fight him next year at the looming KSI vs Jake Paul event.

“If he wins, do you fight Deji on the undercard of Jake Paul vs KSI?” Logan’s manager Jeffrey Levin asked during episode 345 of the IMPAULSIVE podcast.

“Absolutely,” Logan replied bluntly while nodding.

Clearly, we’re not quite there yet. But if Deji shocks the world against Mayweather and puts up a solid performance, Logan could very well be his next opponent.

While the KSI vs Jake Paul event is also far from finalized, the two have been on a collision course for years now and 2023 has all but been agreed upon for the highly anticipated clash. Exactly where it happens, in the US or the UK, is up in the air. But it seems there’s a good chance the potential showcase will bring YouTube boxing full circle.

KSI vs Logan Paul 1 took place in 2018 and largely popularized the influencer combat sports craze. The co-main event for that card was none other than Deji vs Jake Paul.

Five years later, and should everything fall into place, we could see the inverse happen in 2023. KSI looks to headline the event against Jake Paul, while Deji is seemingly on track to fight Logan Paul in the co-main.

(Logan discusses the Deji fight at the 16:19 mark below)

Obviously, anything is possible between now and then, so don’t hold your breath that either of these matchups materialize in the near future. But for now, at least there’s no animosity between Logan and Deji. Quite the opposite, in fact, with Logan quick to praise Deji’s recent glow up in the boxing world.

“I am so proud of Deji,” he said on the podcast. “He lost three fights in a row, then won against Fousey, now he’s fighting the greatest boxer of all time. I’ve got Deji in three. Deji’s gonna KO Mayweather for sure.”

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