How to watch KSI vs Swarmz: Fight date, stream & boxing card

Virginia Glaze
KSI vs swarmz fight poster

YouTube star KSI is taking on Swarmz as a last-minute replacement after former opponent Alex Wassabi dropped out of their bout. Here’s everything you need to know to tune in.

KSI is one of the founding fathers of influencer boxing, and he’s making his long-awaited comeback to the ring in just two months’ time.

After initially announcing his return in May, he’d finally pinned down an opponent — Alex Wassabi, an influencer he brushed off as too insignificant for his time in years past.

Unfortunately, this match-up wasn’t meant to be. Just weeks before fight night, Alex dropped out of the bout, forcing KSI to pick his back-up opponent, Swarmz.

Who is Swarmz?

Swarmz is a British rapper and former semi-pro football player, who KSI says was written into his contract as his back-up rival, should something prevent Wassabi from fighting.

Why did Alex Wassabi drop out of the KSI boxing match?

According to KSI, Wassabi allegedly pulled out of their bout due to purported health issues.

KSI claims that Wassabi acquired a doctor’s note that said he had “either a concussion or a broken hand.”

When is KSI vs Swarmz?

KSI will face off with Wassabi on August 27, 2022.

The main card is slated to kick off at 2 PM ET, with the main event scheduled to take place at 5:15 PM ET.

This bout was initially supposed to follow Jake Paul’s match against Hasim Rahman Jr on August 6, although that match was canceled after Hasim failed to make weight in time.

Where is KSI vs Swarmz?

KSI vs Swarmz is slated to take place at the O2 in London, UK.

Ksi confirms boxing return after two year hiatus
YouTube: KSI
KSi is returning to the boxing ring – but his comeback match has experienced some difficulties.

Where to watch KSI vs Swarmz

Outside of attending the fight in-person, fans overseas can catch the fight on DAZN, a streaming service specifically for combat sports events.

Where to buy tickets for KSI vs Swarmz

Ticketing information for the in-person event can be found on the O2’s official website, which we’ll link here. Sales are not yet available, but fans can bookmark the site when they go live.

For those watching via live stream, DAZN offers a subscription-based service for most fights, so all one needs to do is sign up for a subscription.

Who is on the KSI vs Swarmz fight card?

The KSI vs Swarmz card features several other influencer bouts, some of which have also been shuffled around in light of Swarmz’s addition to the event.

Thus far, these are the confirmed fights for August 27:

  • FaZe Temperrr vs Slim Albaher
  • Deji vs Fouseytube
  • King Kenney vs FaZe Sensei
  • Sam Hyde vs IAmThmpsn
  • Salt Papi vs Andy Warski
  • Deen the Great vs EvilHero

August 27th.

— ksi (@KSI) July 9, 2022

KSI vs Alex Wassabi: A history

KSI has had three matches in his boxing career — one against Joe Weller, and the other two against Logan Paul. This next matchup will mark his first bout in nearly two years… and fans were surprised that he was initially taking on Wassabi.

Back in March, Wassabi boxed KSI’s little brother, YouTube star Deji, and won. KSI notoriously uploaded a video admonishing his little bro for his “disappointing” match.

Wassabi, much to fans’ shock, took aim at KSI over his comments and commended Deji for being brave enough to face him in the ring. He then challenged KSI to a boxing match — which KSI was happy to honor, until Wassabi pulled out.

Now, KSI is facing off against Swarmz… and although fans aren’t too happy about this latest development, KSI has his eyes firmly set on Jake Paul as his next opponent in 2023.