Bella Poarch jumps on new “Stay” Justin Bieber TikTok dance trend – with llamas

Bella Poarch avec llamasTikTok: @totouchanemu, maxtaylorlifts

A new dance trend is hitting TikTok featuring a song by Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber. It’s gone massively viral with Bella Poarch competing to get the biggest video out of the trend.

One of the first videos to cause the trend to go viral was one posted by @maxtaylorlifts on July 26. The video has over 7.7 million likes and over 55 million views.

The TikTok starts off with Max saying “there’s no way people actually like this song” before he’s seen strutting his stuff to the song.

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This has then spawned people to then copy Max’s dance movies in an effort to beat his number of views. One video by @totouchanemu reads “I may not have @maxtaylorlifts’ dumpy but I do have a drone.”

The video then cuts from Taylor’s video to the account creator doing the dance while a drone circles around him. The video has 165 million views and nearly 30 million likes.

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Since then, he’s collaborated with big TikToker Bella Poarch to attempt to create another hit video, with llamas added this time because why not. The video has over 85 million views and 14.4 million likes.

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The song has even gone so wild that Dylan O’Brien, who’s not even on TikTok, has joined in with friends dancing to the song.

Whether someone will top @totouchanemu’s videos which have a total of 393.6 million views remains to be seen. Overall the trend has been used 1.2 million times so far and it’s just getting started.

Other TikTok trends in the past month have included the frozen honey trend, a photo crop challenge, speaking in Simlish, or posing with the backdrop of Coors Light.

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