What’s the new #SimlishSessions TikTok trend and how do you do it?

Everyone knows the Sims. The game where you can play anyone, create your family, or build a house. Oh and if you really want to, come up with inventive ways to send them all to an early grave. Right now though, TikTok’s currently blowing up with a new challenge – do you think you can sing along to the Simlish version of Bebe Rexha’s song ‘Sabotage’?

Posted on June 26, singer Bebe Rexha posted the initial video where she announced the new version of the song and asked people to sing along with her.

Simlish is the fictional language of made-up words spoken by characters in the game. The original video posted by the ‘Hey Mama’ singer has racked up nearly 93 million views.

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Since then, people have been posting their duets both serious and silly. Some have posted with the green diamond that appears above characters in the game.

Others have done dramatic transitions as they lip-sync their heart out. Others have even tried to get their dog to sing along.

Is this the first Simlish song?

The new song is part of a catalog that has been created for the EA Games’ in-house concert. Various music artists such as singer of Glass Animals, Dave Bayley, and Joy Oladokun have performed.

Sims has a long history of collaborating with artists, over 500 in fact, from Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night’ to ‘Don’t Cha’ by the Pussycat Dolls.

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Other games have in recent months collaborated with music artists to release songs. For the 25 anniversary of the Pokemon Company, Perry released a song titled ‘Electric’ to celebrate.

It’s not even the most recent TikTok trend involving music as a song called “Beer Beer Truck Truck“, initially a country music parody has been trending on the platform.

How do I get in on the trend?

You can find the original video by going to Bebe’s TikTok page and you can find the audio by clicking this link. Unlike other trends, there doesn’t seem to be any strict rules with this one so feel free to run with it.

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Sadly no one has posted the lyrics yet for the Simlish remix of ‘Sabotage’ so you’ll have to try your best in working out what the words are.