Bella Poarch’s most viewed TikToks of 2020

Bella Poarch faces the camera next to a TikTok logoInstagram: bella.poarch

Bella Poarch has gone insanely viral on multiple occasions this year on TikTok, combining some viral sounds with her addictive head-bobbing and more. She has become one of the app’s most well-known faces, but what were her most viewed TikToks in 2020?

Social media star Bella Poarch joined TikTok in April 2020, and without even a full year on the app she has managed to become one of the most viral creators, with her content smashing records and appearing on For You Pages across the world.

She primarily makes dance and lip-sync related content for her 50.9 million followers, but one trend in particular has people falling in love with the star. To the tune of upbeat remixes, Bella bounces her head up and down with a series of facial expressions ranging from cute to bizarre, a quirk that scored her millions of likes.

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Instagram: Bella Poarch
The TikTok star has over 50 million followers on the platform.

Her dance to viral TikTok sound ‘M to the B’ even secured the top spot as the most liked video on the entire app, spreading across the internet like wildfire and cementing her TikTok fame.

With so many viral videos it’s been a great year on TikTok for Bella, but what were her most viewed TikToks?

5 – All TikTok Mashup – 167.3 million views

The All TikTok Mashup remix went hugely viral on the app this year, taking multiple already popular TikTok sounds and combining them in an upbeat track that users loved. Bella’s expressions filled dance boosted the song’s popularity even more.

4 – Knock at the Door – 167.7 million views

This kids song went unexpectedly viral when users started parodying what it would be like if famous TikTokers like Charli D’Amelio were to dance to the simple track

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Bella Poarch did her own version where her movements matched up with the sound effects perfectly, inspiring even more videos from a variety of different creators.

3 – M to the B Part 2 – 169.9 million views

When Bella realized her ‘M to the B’ video had become the most liked video on the platform, she decided to commemorate it by recreating the dance in a duet with herself, making the video go viral all over again.

2 – The Banjo Beat – 197.7 million views

Ricky Desktop’s Banjo Beat had everybody loving the unexpected mix of genres, but it was the perfect recipe for a viral TikTok as Bella showed in her take on the song.

1 – M to the B – 510.1 million views

Taking the top spot for Bella Poarch’s most watched TikTok of 2020 is of course her original take on the M to the B remix, far surpassing her other most viewed videos with this addictive track. Thousands of people tried to recreate the TikToker’s unique dance style, but Bella has remained seemingly unbeatable.

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Bella Poarch certainly seems to have found a winning formula with her TikToks, and this is only a small portion of the huge amount of her videos that have gone viral. Fans will no doubt be anticipating any new content the star is planning on bringing out in the next year.