Fans petition to get Dylan O’Brien on TikTok after viral videos

Dylan O'BrienInstagram: imdylanobrien. TikTok: SheelaAwe

Fans have been calling for actor Dylan O’Brien to get TikTok after he appears in a series of viral videos dancing along to the likes of Doja Cat, Kid LAROI, and Justin Bieber.

The videos were posted on Sheela Awe’s account, a content creator based in LA. Awe’s videos usually get between 100,000 and 300,000 views each but each video featuring O’Brien has gone viral with millions of views.

The first video he appears in has 3.3 million views so far while two more recent ones have 9.2 and 5.3 million views each.

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The videos, where the actor shows off his moves, have led fans to call for the actor to get TikTok. One comment below the latest video was “Petition for Dylan to get his own TikTok account.”

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The comment has over 60,000 likes and many other comments discuss Dylan’s presence in the video.

One comment read “Dylan just needs to get TikTok now” and that his “dancing fills me with JOY.” Another commented, “I was like why is this on my fyp (For You page) and then I saw Dylan, and everything just made sense.”

Dylan O'BrienTikTok: Sheela Awe
A compilation of the TikToks Dylan O’Brien features in being goofy with friends

One person joked the other people in the video needed to get out of the way “so I can see him better.”

This isn’t the first time people on TikTok have talked about a petition to get O’Brien on the platform. A TikTok account with the username @dylannobrian regularly posts videos on the actor and has “PETITION FOR DYLAN OBRIEN TO GET TIKTOK” in its bio.

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Dylan O’Brien has a big fanbase from his roles in television and movies. His first major role was playing Stiles Stilinski in the hit show ‘Teen Wolf’ and went on to bag major roles in the Maze Runner franchise, Deepwater Horizon, and a Transformers film.