Asmongold accuses Twitch of creating “anti-woman sentiment” after fourth Indiefoxx ban

Michael Gwilliam
Indiefoxx and Asmongold in hot tub

Legendary streamer Asmongold blasted Twitch for creating “anti-woman sentiment” after popular hot tub streamer Indiefoxx was banned from the platform yet again.

On April 7, controversial hot tub megastar Indiefoxx was banned from Twitch for the fourth time. According to an email she received, Twitch suspended her for three days for “selling or attempting to sell Twitch features or services.”

Asmongold saw this news and addressed it on his own stream, commenting that it’s unfair and that other streamers would be more severely punished if they broke the rules as much as she does.

Asmongold calls out Twitch hypocrisy

“If that happened to Forsen, Twitch would not only ban Forsen, they would find a way to send him to the moon in real life!” the World of Warcraft streamer joked. “They would ban him from Earth.”

Forsen, of course, was hit with an “indefinite” Twitch ban near the end of 2020 after he accidentally showed an inappropriate gif during a broadcast. Luckily, after about a month, his channel was finally reinstated, but only after the Swede and his viewers sparked a massive backlash.

“Let’s be honest, why is it that this person gets multiple three-day suspensions over and over and over?” Asmongold asked. “But other people get permabanned? Especially when it’s for the same exact stuff!”

Indiefoxx’s previous bans were reportedly for violating the platform’s nudity and attire policy and after she wrote subscriber names on her body while lying in her bed.

Streamer Indiefoxx banned for writing names on her body
Indiefoxx has been banned on Twitch four times so far.

Twitch accused of creating ‘anti-woman sentiment’

The WoW star then accused Twitch of creating a toxic environment for female streamers with their double standards.

“I think Twitch is actually indirectly fermenting and creating a lot of anti-woman sentiment. I really think that they are by not treating this fairly,” he explained. “I think anybody would see that by the way she’s been acting, and the way other people have been acting, what the difference in the punishment is.”

“It’s very clear that something is not right,” he exclaimed.

Through the years, but especially with the growth of the Just Chatting section, there have been numerous instances of streamers accusing Twitch of being unfair with how it issues suspensions.

For many, the issue is that Twitch holds back when punishing some female streamers but throws the book at others for the exact same offense.

“I think they need to do something about it, because every single other person sees that and it creates this discontent,” he explained. “That’s why I think that unfairness is so insidious. It’s so subversive.”

He went on to allege that Twitch’s actions were creating a narrative that some people can get away with things while others can’t.

“I think everyone should be treated fairly. I think everyone knows that if anybody else had received four bans in that period of time they’d be off the platform in a second!” he snapped.

So far, Indiefoxx hasn’t addressed Asmongold’s comments and there are still two days left on her suspension. It will be interesting to see if she changes up her behavior when she returns or if Twitch will take Asmongold’s concerns seriously.

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