Twitch streamer banned after writing subscriber names on her body

Streamer Indiefoxx banned for writing names on her bodyTwitch/Indiefoxx

Twitch streamer Indiefoxx has been banned from the platform for the second time in just four days after she decided it was a good idea to write subscriber names on her body while wearing lingerie.

On February 1, Indiefoxx found herself banned upon her return to Twitch in what may be one of the fastest bans ever seen.

In the now-deleted stream, the entertainer was writing the names of her subscribers on her body while she lounged in a bed wearing lingerie.

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As you can see in the video, she has her legs and left arm completely covered with the names of her subs and even wrote one on her chest.

The clip quickly spread on Reddit where users joked she was actually a speedrunner trying to earn the fastest ban upon returning to the site.

It’s unclear exactly why she was banned the second time and Twitch doesn’t comment on individual cases – if they did then we could finally put the mystery of Dr Disrespect to rest.

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Nonetheless, just three hours after the clip surfaced on Reddit, Twitch took action and banned the streamer.

Indiefoxx was first banned back on January 28 after a jacuzzi stream in which she may have broken Twitch’s rules on nudity.

In a Twitter video, Indiefoxx accused fellow streamer JakeNBake for being responsible for her ban when he mentioned she may have been wearing a see-through swimsuit.

“I wasn’t showing my anus on Twitch, okay?” she said. “There are other websites for that shit.”

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According to the streamer, it may have been riding up and made a fold that caused it to appear that her body was showing. Regardless, it seems like Twitch felt its rules had been broken and decided to punish the entertainer.

It’s unclear if JakeNBake contributed to the original ban in any capacity, but with this second ban she’s going to have some time to sit back and think about how she approaches her broadcasts in the future.

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Who knows, she may even try to go for a hattrick once she is unbanned again.

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