Forsen is finally being unbanned on Twitch soon

Forsen banned on TwitchInstagram/nanisday

After nearly a month of speculation for being banned on Twitch ‘indefinitely,’ Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors has revealed when he will return to the streaming platform.

Forsen was first banned back on November 26, after he accidentally showed a highly inappropriate gif of a horse and a woman that went against Twitch’s TOS.

According to the streamer, the ban was indefinite, which meant the duration of his ban was undetermined.

Under most situations, accidentally showing such a gif would normally result in a short suspension, but due to Fors’ past misconduct, Twitch seemed to decide that he would be banned for far longer.

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Now, on December 16, the streamer has revealed when he will be returning to Twitch, finally ending the mystery that surrounded the ban.

“Thanks for all the birthday wishes and general well wishes in DMs and sh*t,” he stated in a post on Twitter. “It seems I will be unbanned slightly after Christmas. Enjoy your holidays and sh*t!”

Unfortunately, Forsen didn’t state when after Christmas he would be unbanned, and it’s unclear if he knows, either. Christmas this year falls on a Friday, so it’s possible that he could be back to streaming as early as Saturday, December 26.

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Amusingly, on the same day that Forsen revealed he would be unbanned, a Twitch townhall took place where the site’s COO Sara Clemens spoke out against users trying to “game the system to get someone else in trouble.”

“We always take that into account,” she added.

A clip of the quote soon went viral on Reddit with the caption “Someone tell Sebastian?” as the remark seemed to exonerate Forsen’s actions.

It’s unclear if the comment going viral impacted Twitch’s decision or not, but hopefully it’s a sign that the platform will be more lenient with streamers who accidentally show content in violation of its guidelines.

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Additionally, Forsen’s ban seemed to be a rallying cry for other streamers, who rushed to defend the Swede during their own broadcasts.

“I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal. You show that for like a second, right? Cause it’s an accident,” popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold said after learning that the incident affected Forsen’s whole Twitch career.

KaceyTron was a bit more bombastic in her criticism of Twitch, claiming that the site “makes some of the stupidest f***ing decisions ever.”

“I do not trust these motherf***ers with my livelihood. They never, ever make a good call, ever,” she added.

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At least now we know that Forsen will be returning to Twitch, but other ban mysteries, such as what happened with Dr Disrespect, remain unsolved.