JakenbakeLIVE mocks new Twitch meta with parody hot tub stream after being unbanned

jakenbakelive hot tub streamTwitch: jakenbakeLIVE

IRL Twitch streamer JakenbakeLIVE returned from his Twitch ban in stunning fashion, broadcasting for nearly five hours from his brand-new hot tub – making a mockery of the new trend.

Best known for his travel streams, JakenbakeLIVE has been forced to get creative with his streaming since the global outbreak forced him into being locked down at home.

Unfortunately, he was banned from the platform on March 27 for using his phone while driving. While the ban was due to be in place for one week, it was overturned after just two days as he was driving on private property and not putting others in danger.

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He planned to capitalize on a controversial Twitch trend and celebrate his return with a Hot Tub stream, and boy did he deliver.

Joined by indiefoxx, a pioneer of some undeniably controversial streaming antics, and his girlfriend, model Water Lynn, Jakenbake broadcasted a 5.5 hour hot tub stream.

The stream was a major success for Jakenbake, as he gained 1545 new subscribers on his channel. This was in no small part thanks to a reward tier list, which would bring new challenges or aspects to the stream as new sub milestones were reached, including having his makeup done and wearing a bikini.

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Jake also took a leaf out of indiefoxx’s book by writing the names of subs on his body, and at one point parodied fellow IRL streamer Amouranth.

Not all hot tub streams go quite as well as this one, though. Streamer ImJasmine, for example, exposed the risks of putting electronics near water at the start of her 200k follower celebration stream.

While Twitch ToS does regulate against exposed bodies in most circumstances, it gives contextual exceptions, including for people in hot tubs, on the beach or in similar environments. This is why the practice has become so popular.

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The boom in popularity hasn’t yet convinced JakenbakeLIVE to produce more hot tub streams. But, with a peak audience of 10k viewers, there’s no doubt this particular stream was a huge success.

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