Twitch hot tub streamer hits out at QTCinderella for claiming she encourages sexism

xoaeriel poses in a hot tub on TwitchTwitch/xoaeriel

Twitch’s xoAeriel has clapped back after fellow streaming sensation QTCinderella blamed hot tub streamers for encouraging sexism on the platform.

While Twitch is the go-to destination for video game streaming content, IRL and Just Chatting broadcasts have become a breakout hit on the Amazon-owned site, with some of its best clips emerging from the category.

Whether it’s saving tourists lost in Tokyo or setting a backyard ablaze by mistake, streamers in these categories have become stars. However, the category has also produced some more controversial streams.

As Dexerto previously reported, QTCinderella blasted hot tub streamers for the amount of sexism on the site.

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“I’m all about getting that bread. I am. I’m like, ‘Yes queen, do the hot tub stream, but please don’t do it on Twitch,’” she said. “Then I have people coming from your chat where they see your hot t*ts covered in bubbles to my chat asking to see mine. But we don’t do that here!”

Now, one of the originators of hot tub streams, xoAeriel, is going on the offensive. In a new YouTube video, she explained why she does hot tub streams and if they really do encourage sexist comments.

“While I agree with her to some extent, IE men oversexualizing the women on the platform and just overall being sexist, I don’t agree that we the females are to blame for this,” she argued.

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She then took issue with QTCinderella not wanting hot tub streams to be on Twitch at all. According to xoAeriel, she abides by all of the site’s terms of service. Even though she believes some creators have content that has “gone too far,” she doesn’t break any of the rules, herself.

“I started the hot tub stream meta. I was the first to do it. I knew what I was signing up for. I knew I was going to be a target for hate. But not from other female streamers,” she remarked.

According to the streamer, she had “disgusting and violent threats” said to her while doing a hot tub stream, but they also happen when she’s just playing video games or cooking.

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xoAeriel explains sexism on TwitchYouTube/xoAeriel
xoAeriel was one of the first to start doing hot tub streams.

“I would argue to blame specific streamers for this missed the point entirely,” she continued, adding that societal sexism is to blame and it will exist with or without hot tub streams.

xoAeriel then mentioned how advertisements, movies and TV shows showcase sexual depictions of women. “Who is to say what is acceptable when and where? And who gets to participate and capitalize on this? God forbid it’s the women!” she exclaimed.

“I have a shorter window to make money than the average man,” she added, before bringing up gender wage gap statistics. “It’s incumbent of me to take advantage of this while I can. Will I take advantage of the rare situations where I can leverage my power as a woman? You bet your ass I will.”

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xoAeriel plays COD Black Ops Cold War Nuke TownYouTube/xoAeriel
xoAeriel says she faces sexism while gaming or cooking.

She concluded her video by suggesting that anyone who doesn’t want to hear nasty things about them, shouldn’t be a content creator.

“And QTCinderella, if you’re really about the empowerment of women getting ‘bread’, then you won’t contribute to the continued gatekeeping of the community on Twitch,” she finished.

So far, QTCinderella has yet to respond to the video, but given the criticisms, chances are she won’t take them lying down.