Adin Ross under fire for asking fan to “slit brother’s throat” for money

Virginia Glaze
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Kick streamer Adin Ross is facing backlash after asking fans to perform dangerous acts for money — including asking one viewer to “slit his [brother’s] throat.”

Prominent streamer Adin Ross is facing backlash from viewers amid his transition to Kick from Twitch, a platform he openly criticized for its Terms of Service.

Ross was permanently from Twitch after broadcasting “unmoderated, hateful conduct in chat,” and is now streaming solely on Kick.

Despite allegedly signing a massive deal with the platform, Ross is facing backlash from viewers all across social media due to his behavior as of late, including his divisive comments regarding gender and hot tub streams, on top of his support for Andrew Tate.

Adin Ross asks fan to “slit brother’s throat” for $20k

Now, Ross is coming under fire for making bizarre requests of his fans during a live stream, where he asked one viewer to slit their brother’s throat for $20,000 after finding out they were a fan of Twitch streamer Hasan.

“Wait, he’s a Hasan fan?” Ross says in the clip, which has since been scrubbed from YouTube. “Bro, if you slit his throat, I think I’ll give you $20k.”

That isn’t the only jaw-dropping request he made of a fan during that stream; he also asked another viewer to throw urine on their brother for money after similarly finding out they were a fan of Hasan, but apparently kicked him from the group after he filled a cup with urine to enact the task.

On top of that, one of Ross’s fans also threw objects at their sister and smashed her bedroom wall with a baseball bat, resulting in a feud between the two siblings on the stream.

Critics have been quick to call out Adin’s behavior online in light of this latest broadcast, with some noticing a change in his behavior – something a man claiming to be Ross’s half-brother claimed was a result of his friendship with Andrew Tate.

This isn’t the only time Ross faced criticism after asking his fans to do questionable things for money; just last month, Ross asked fans to “act Black” for cash, and even asked some to say a racial slur.