Adin Ross parodies Lebron James’ “The Decision” in move from Twitch to Kick

adin ross kickAdin Ross

Popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross has announced his move to Kick in a video parodying LeBron’s ‘The Decision’ TV special.

LeBron James famously altered the course of his career upon uttering the words, “I’m gonna take my talents to South Beach” in ESPN’s ‘The Decision.’

It was a then-unprecedented move by a sports figure, which instantly enraged fans and pundits who couldn’t help but wonder why LeBron and ESPN dragged out the coveted decision for over an hour.

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Over a decade later, memes and references to the special continue unabated. Fortunately, Adin Ross‘ homage to ‘The Decision’ doesn’t waste anyone’s time.

Adin Ross pokes fun at ‘The Decision’ in Kick announcement

Ross has officially made the move from Twitch to Kick, meaning the creator will now make content for the competing streaming platform.

The streamer went all out with the announcement, too, mimicking LeBron’s ‘The Decision’ in an amusing one-minute video (via Jake Lucky).

Adin Ross’ own decision doesn’t receive an hour-long build-up, however. Instead, the popular streamer is cut off several times from actually detailing his future plans.

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Notably, Adin Ross began streaming on Kick earlier this month, taking his talents to the new platform following multiple ban threats from Twitch.

His first stream went live on February 12, with over 80,000 tuning in to his Super Bowl 57-centric broadcast. As the first major streamer to give the platform a chance, there’s no telling what the future holds for Ross or Kick.

At the very least, it seems interesting times are ahead, particularly for those keeping a close eye on the budding Twitch and Kick rivalry.

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