Adin Ross vows to “cancel cancel culture” after backlash to controversial comments

Adin ross vows to cancel cancel cultureYouTube: Adin Live

Adin Ross has responded to the backlash around a controversial tweet he made about gender, saying that he’s making a vow to “cancel cancel culture.”

Adin Ross is a prominent streamer who was recently handed a permanent ban from Twitch, where he’d broadcasted to 7.2 million followers before getting the boot.

Just before his ban, Ross announced his move to Kick, citing issues with Twitch’s Terms of Service and his multiple bans on the site as reasons for making the switch.

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Amid this drama, Ross posted a tweet that sparked a large amount of backlash from critics where he claimed there were “only two genders.”

Twitter: adinross

Thus far, his post has been viewed nearly 50 million times and has continued to spark a furious debate and backlash against the streamer.

Adin posted a video to YouTube discussing the tweet just a day later, where he vowed to “cancel cancel culture” and claimed that his post was not “targeted” at LGBTQ+ individuals, but rather at those who wanted to “cancel” him.

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Adin Ross speaks out after controversial tweet sparks criticism

“This has been a very chaotic week for me,” Ross began. “I’ve been canceled twice. I’ve been permanently banned on Twitch.”

“…I just wanna say, this tweet is not targeted toward anybody that’s a part of the LGBTQ+ community, at all,” he clarified, going on to say that he’d spoken to “gay and trans” people within the past 24 hours who purportedly agreed with his ideology.

“This tweet is targeted at the people who are trying to cancel people,” he continued. “This is cancel culture. I’m coming at cancel culture right now. I’m gonna cancel cancel culture.”

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“This tweet was not intended to hurt anybody except for the people who try to put others down and the people that just try to ‘cancel’ people. This is intended for you guys. This is literally why I did it.”

This is far from the first time Ross has faced backlash over his views; in fact, the streamer has been called out many times for his support of controversial personality Andrew Tate, who is currently being detained by Romanian authorities on charges of rape, human trafficking, and organized crime.

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It seems that Ross is determined to carry on in spite of the retaliation, preparing for the launch of Kick’s mobile app that is set to drop on March 3, 2023.