Hasan claps back at Adin Ross claiming Twitch hot tub streams “promote poison”

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Twitch streamer Hasan has clapped back to Adin Ross’ calls that hot tub streams should be banned from the platform, claiming they “promote poison.”

Launched in 2021, the ‘Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches’ category on Twitch has become the primary category for thousands of creators on the platform, with the most popular one being Amouranth.

On his January 21 stream, Twitch star Adin Ross called on the platform to ban hot tub streams, claiming they are “promoting poison” and a “problem.”

Now, Popular political commentator Hasan has clapped back at Adin’s comments in a reply on Twitter.

Hasan claps back to Adin Ross’ calls for Hot Tub stream ban

On January 23, two days after Adin made his comments, Hasan quote retweeted a clip of Ross’ stream with his response.

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“Lil bro just wants to corner the market,” he said.

Underneath his comment is a screenshot of Adin’s YouTube channel with videos titles like “Sky Bri is cheating on me?” and “Adin Ross asks Sky Bri to be his girlfriend…”

Other Twitter users were quick to respond to Hasan’s comment as well.

“Oh I was wondering why anyone would watch him or how he became popular,” one user replied.

Another user said: “I’m sure he’d be totally cool with those hot tub streams if they were hosted by Tate.”

“He’s a new man now that he’s bald,” a third commented.

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Adin has become friends with Andrew Tate over the last few months and have gotten close enough that Adin might visit Andrew Tate while he remains in Romanian custody.