Adin Ross gives fiery response to Twitch permaban

Alec Mullins
Adin Ross streaming on Twitch before his February 25 ban.

Adin Ross announced his decision to move from Twitch to Kick on February 23 and now the controversial streamer has reportedly been permabanned from the purple brand.

Adin Ross has been vocal about his displeasure with Twitch in recent weeks and it has now come to a head.

The young streaming star had been testing out streams over on Kick, the streaming platform championed by fellow broadcaster Trainwreck, and has since moved to the upcoming service on a full-time basis.

Then on February 25, Twitch banned Ross for the eighth total time, and he claims that it happened “for no reason.”

Adin Ross responds to Twitch permaban

The ban came through at night and Ross responded on stream the next morning.

He started the response by reaffirming that his deal with Kick was locked in, and continued by posing questions directly to the company.

“I already signed my deal to this sh*t. It doesn’t matter. I’ve already locked myself in on Kick,” he said.

“I’m not even going to bash Twitch completely, but the one thing I will say is this: If I had blue hair and did my makeup, would you have banned me Twitch?”

He answered his own question in short, concluding that they wouldn’t have, before continuing his rant about the company’s TOS enforcement.

He also revealed that his ban was for VOD/on-stream behavior, and insinuated that he was being treated unfairly. “This is why everyone needs to see Twitch for what it is.”

Part of Ross’ decision to move to kick was based on less stringent policing of content on the new site compared to Twitch. In his initial video where he announced that he would be giving Kick a try, he emphasized that he would have more power over what he could stream.

Since then, he’s generated controversy over streaming explicit material to his newly re-established audience, leading many people to question where the site will draw the line for its broadcasters.