Man claiming to be Adin Ross’ half-brother blames “erratic decisions” on Andrew Tate influence

Adin Ross live on Kick, his new streaming home following Twitch departure and ban.YouTube: AdinRossLive

Adin Ross has drummed up a storm of controversy ever since linking up with Andrew Tate in 2022, and now his alleged half-brother has pinned all of Adin’s decisions on the former fighter’s influence.

Andrew Tate exploded in popularity in 2022, and Adin Ross’ stream had a large part to play in that. The duo went viral multiple times over the summer as the former kickboxer’s self-admitted misogynistic opinions took over on both Twitch and TikTok.

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Ross has repeatedly hitched his wagon to Andrew Tate and his controversial ways. From hosting Tate’s debate with Hasan to visiting his friend following his detainment by Romanian law enforcement, the pair have been closely connected over the last eight months.

Now, a man alleging to be Adin’s brother claims that connection has played a huge part in the superstar streamer’s career decisions and maybe even played a part in his February 25 permaban from Twitch.

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Adin Ross’ alleged brother explains Andrew Tate’s influence

Adin Ross YouTubeYouTube: Adin Ross Live
Adin Ross was permanently banned from Twitch on February 25.

Twitter user Miller Ross started a thread explaining that he never wanted to speak on the situation but felt like he had to at this time.

“I am Adin Ross’ half-brother. This is not a joke, and a few of you already knew,” he said in a tweet. “He was banned from Twitch yesterday and has been making erratic career and life decisions since meeting Andrew Tate.”

He went on to claim that Adin met Tate shortly after a big breakup and that there was instant apprehension about the two’s relationship. “I showed our dad some of Tate’s content, and he got really worried.”

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This worry came to a head by the holiday season, he continued, claiming a major fight between Adin and his father represented the tipping point. “When our dad found out Adin was going to fly to Romania to visit Andrew Tate in prison, he tried to intervene, but Adin totally blocked contact with him.

“By the time he flew out, he’d cut off aunts, an uncle, cousins, and at least one grandparent. The people that raised him. His blood.”

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Miller continued to highlight some of Adin’s recent decisions, like streaming explicit material to his young audience and referring to women as “dishwashers” as proof that things are headed downhill.

“We were never the closest growing up, but I don’t even know who he is anymore. Now his Twitch is permanently banned and his entire career hinges on the success of an unregulated gambling portal. What happened?”

He wrapped up by saying that he couldn’t bear to stay silent over the way his alleged sibling’s behavior was trending. “I’m not gonna sit around and wait for him to stop torturing our family because he’s in love with some bald British r*pist.

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“I used to blame Andrew Tate, but now I blame Adin. He didn’t make you act like this. Not to me, not to our sister, and not to dad. Grow up.”

Adin Ross has since denied the relation to Miller, dubbing the allegations “fake news” amid a storm of offensive tweets on February 26.