Adin Ross claims there’s a hit on his head with reward for his murder

Eliana Bollati
Adin Ross on stream on Kick

Kick streamer Adin Ross claims his legal problems have escalated to a point where the people suing him have “put money” on his head.

Adin Ross is no stranger to staging offbeat events for his streams on Kick. He’s planned a fake prison for his stream before. Plus, there was the time broke Kick by streaming with a Kim Jong Un impersonator.

Now, in the latest weird occurrence in an Adin Ross stream, he’s claiming someone has put a price on his head.

The streamer has been discussing his legal troubles, alleging two people he considered “brothers” were suing him. “It’s sad that money and greed get in the way of relationships nowadays,” he said to his stream, offering a vague explanation of the situation.

In his most recent broadcast, he seemed to insinuate things have escalated. “If you wanna put money on my head, you’re gonna need a refund,” the streamer said.

Adin Ross on stream on Kick
Adin Ross has claimed individuals have put “money on his head”

Adin made the comments during his most recent stream. Opening it by saying, “Once I get permission from my lawyer, I’m exposing everything.”

Although whether he was referring to the alleged court case or the alleged price on his head is uncertain. Given Ross’ tendency to exaggerate situations, it’s obviously worth taking his words with a grain of salt for now. No one knows for certain a supposed bounty is indeed out on him.

Some fans in the stream commented he was being ‘cringe’, but the social media celeb denied this was the case. “It’s not cringe, it’s real s–t.”

But there were those on social media who didn’t seem to think the streamer’s comments were worth taking seriously either.

The streamer is also currently taking legal action against a girl for breaking her NDA.

The mystery pair of “ex-brothers” aren’t the streamer’s only current legal battle either.

Earlier this month he revealed he was taking action against a girl who had broken her NDA by filming his warehouse in secret.