Adin Ross announces plans to stream on new platform amid Twitch ‘silencing’

Alec Mullins
Adin Ross's relationship with Twitch has been a tense one as of late and he's trying out Kick as a result.

Adin Ross has announced he’s bringing his stream to a new platform after being “silenced” by Twitch following repeated ban threats.

Adin Ross is one of the biggest names on Twitch. Known for his over-the-top personality and for collaborating with some of the other top streamers on the website, his rise to fame happened primarily on the Purple brand.

After claims of being silenced by an unnamed Twitch employee, Ross has now confirmed that he’ll continue to stream on the site for now, but will also broadcast over on Kick, where he believes the community guidelines will offer him more freedom.

Adin Ross explains why he’ll be streaming on Kick after Twitch bans

When speaking on the switch to Kick, Ross made it clear that his frustration was over the way Twitch’s Terms of Service controlled his content.

“I’m going to Kick this week. I’m going to be doing Omegle, watching live sports, watching movies, prank phone calls, we could literally watch p**n together,” he stated. “There is no Terms of Service over there. You guys can say whatever you want in my chat. Nobody can get f***ing banned.”

Ross continued to rally his supporters to say whatever was on their minds in the new location, continually emphasizing the new amount of freedom he will supposedly have.

Kick does have a Terms of Service agreement, though the streaming star believes the company’s overall involvement may not be as strict as his original streaming home.

In his original video explaining how he was “silenced”, Ross explained that it was a call from an unnamed Twitch employee that spooked him and sparked him to look for new options. “I got a threat, and the first thing I did was laugh at that…they’re basically saying I can’t preach what I want to preach without being suspended.”

Ross’ first stream on Kick went live on February 12 and amassed 82,000 viewers at the time of publication.

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