Adin Ross signed “biggest streaming deal ever” to join Kick after Twitch ban

Adin Ross in Kick streamKick: Adin Ross

Adin Ross claims that he has signed the “biggest streaming deal of any creator” amid his move to Kick, following his departure from Twitch.

Adin has been flitting between Twitch and Kick in recent weeks, having streamed on the alternative platform during the Super Bowl and then heading back to Twitch, before being banned from the Amazon-owned platform.

On February 15, Adin said that Kick would have to offer him a lot more money than they had for him to join them on a permanent basis, and less than two weeks later, it looks as though that came to fruition.

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In a discussion with Jake Lucky and Kick’s Trainwreck, Adin made the admission that he had signed such a huge deal and, while Trainwreck suggested there is more to it than simply a “streamer deal,” it sounds as though Adin will be making some serious bank.

“I’ll just tell you straight up: I just signed the biggest streaming deal of any creator of all time, as far as I know,” he said. “It feels amazing. I’m blessed. Now I just want to take the time to really capitalize off that and give back to people in need and bless the f**k out of everyone I can.”

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Train did add that “it gets messy when it’s just ‘streaming deal’ … there’s a bundle of things in there, but what I will say is the amount is more than all those people [Ninja, Shroud, etc.], yes.”

While exact figures were not provided, we know that Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins made a reported number somewhere in the region of $30m and even up to $50m from his deal with Microsoft-owned Mixer.

Rumors online suggested the figure was around $150m over two years, though both Adin and Train said that was absolutely not true.

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There is also the possibility of equity in Kick, given that Adin advised fellow streamer IShowSpeed to join Kick and get equity in the company too.

Kick’s interest in Adin is definitely one that makes sense, given that betting company Stake owns the platform and they have sponsored Adin in the past.

What exactly the “bundle” Train mentioned consists of is unclear, though it may well come out over time the same way other streamer’s deals have in the past.

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