Adin Ross faces backlash after homophobic rant against Kick viewer

Virginia Glaze

Kick streamer Adin Ross is facing outrage after popping off in a homophobic rant against a critical viewer during a controversial broadcast.

On May 20, Adin Ross hopped into a group call with fellow streamers Trainwreck and LosPollosTV after a viewer in Train’s chat started sending him violent messages, threatening to “beat the ever-living sh*t” out of the broadcaster.

Train invited the chatter into a call to confront him directly, resulting in a heated verbal spat between the two about gambling and Kick’s relationship with Stake, an online gambling platform.

“You pretend like you’re this guy who cares about people and doesn’t want people to gamble,” the chatter told Train. “You literally feed on people becoming degenerates, middle-class people that spend their entire paycheck that goes directly to your b*tch-ass.”

It wasn’t long before Adin Ross hopped in the call to defend Trainwrecks in a slur-laden rant, making several homophobic remarks about the chatter and even telling them to end their own life.

“You’re wearing a pink beanie. You’re a grown man. Kill yourself. Kill yourself, f*g. Please die. Nobody will care. Please do the world a favor,” Ross said.

is adin Ross retiring from streaming?

Adin’s attitude even sparked some shock from LosPollosTV, who shouted out in surprise when the streamer began using slurs toward the chatter.

“This is getting ridiculous, bro,” LosPollos told Ross after muting the chatter.

“It’s so stupid. I’m sick of hearing you guys get disrespected,” Ross continued. “I’m sorry, but no.”

Ross’s rant sparked a big reaction from viewers on social media, many of whom took the chatter’s side in the argument.

“Has Adin Ross ever been in an actual fight, or does he talk this way because he’s always walking around with security?” one user wrote on X.

“Either own up to it and say you think it’s ethical or just say you don’t care, but don’t try to spin it as if you aren’t a reason that people get addicted to gambling,” another argued.

The situation even caught the attention of streaming star xQc, who defended his fellow streamer, saying his comments were “justified.”

“You want my take? You want me to defend it? I actually will. …if you threaten somebody’s life, I don’t give a f*ck, you can tell them whatever you want. Everything’s on the table,” xQc said of the incident.

xQc’s defense of Ross’s comments has similarly sparked a backlash against the streamer, with one user writing on Reddit: “The complete lack of spine is genuinely astounding. xQc would sooner admit that the moon is made out of cheese than ever admit that some of his friends might have stances that are wrong.”

This is just the latest moment involving Adin Ross to go viral after MMA star Conor McGregor mentioned the streamer during his first-ever broadcast on Kick, admitting he hadn’t “a clue who the guy is, not a f**king iota.”

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