Adin Ross under fire after saying racial slur on stream

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Kick streamer Adin Ross is facing backlash online after viewers caught him using a racial slur during a live broadcast.

Adin Ross is one of the internet’s most prominent streamers, having moved to Kick with a lucrative broadcasting deal after receiving a permanent ban from Twitch.

Despite his large fan base across multiple social platforms, Ross’s content has come under intense scrutiny from critics due to his behavior on stream.

For instance, Ross previously appeared to encourage a fan to “slit [their] brother’s throat” during a past broadcast and is a staunch advocate for controversial internet personality Andrew Tate.

However, the streamer is facing even more backlash after using a racial slur during a recent Kick broadcast.

Adin Ross sparks outrage after using racial slur in live stream

On May 22, fans noticed that Ross seemingly used a racial slur during a ‘dating’ broadcast with another streamer.

“*** I got you,” he said after his conversational partner asked him to “do a spin” for the camera to show off his outfit.

Ross’s use of the slur instantly sparked outrage online, with many commenters expressing outrage at his seemingly casual use of the word.

“Are we really surprised at his behavior at this point?” one user said on Twitter.

“People will do anything to stay relevant and controversial… even if it is wrong,” another said.

Adin Ross denies using racial slur amid backlash

However, Ross is denying that he ever said the slur. After watching the clip during that same stream, Ross claims he did not say the word at all, but admitted to using it in the past.

“Have I said it in the past? Yes. Have I openly admitted that I said it in the past? Yes. Did I say it here? No.”

This is only the latest time Ross has faced backlash over similar issues, having asked viewers to use the racial slur for money in a previous YouTube video.

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