Adin Ross under fire for begging Hasan to “kill himself”

Michael Gwilliam
Twitch star HasanAbi next to Adin Ross

Kick streamer Adin Ross has sparked backlash on Twitter after urging Twitch star Hasan to take his own life.

Hasan and Adin Ross have been feuding for some time now and their differences reached a boiling point when the part Kick-owner “banned” the political streamer from the platform.

In response to the ban, Hasan fired back, calling Ross a “gremlin” and saying that he had no intention of joining Kick to begin with.

After a few more back-and-forths with Ross even questioning Hasan’s beliefs for changing his profile photo for Pride Month, but not Black History Month, Adin dropped a mega bombshell on Twitter.

Adin Ross begs Hasan “kill yourself”

On June 7, Adin fired off another tweet, and this time the gloves were off as he pleaded with Hasan to take his own life.

“Hasan pls kys I’ll do anything. Please,” he tweeted.

That’s not all, Ross followed this up by accusing Hasan of using his platform to “push an agenda” on children in a blazing attack on the left-wing commentator.

“You’re a creep, you’re going to hell,” he blasted. “All for ppl themselves I love everyone but he pushes agendas on children… you’re forcing underraged transgender surgeries. Creep.”

Many users commented on the tweets, saying Adin took things too far and that he needs to chill out.

Hasan hasn’t commented on Adin Ross’s inflammatory remarks just yet, but it’s unlikely he’ll remain silent on the issue.

Hasan isn’t the only one Adin is taking aim at, either; he also lashed out at esports and entertainment reporter Jake Lucky, saying in a post: “Jake Lucky deserved to be [stoned] to death, on God. You need to be bullied.”

The Kick streamer doubled down on his comments in a video uploaded to Twitter shortly thereafter, where he reiterated that Hasan, Jake Lucky, and Mizkif should “end themselves.”

BruceDropEmOff was also in the video and notably used a racial slur toward Adin.

Adin, meanwhile, risks being banned on Twitter for urging Hasan to take his own life, as outlined by the platform’s policies which clearly state, “You may not promote or encourage suicide or self-harm.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Twitter ends up taking action and if Adin Ross finds himself suspended from the site.