Adin Ross forced to apologize after “transphobic rant”

Adin Ross wearing black t-shirt while holding hand over his chestAdin Ross

Kick streamer Adin Ross has been forced to apologize for his “transphobic rant” after backlash from the streaming community.

While Twitch has long solidified itself at the top of the mountain, Kick has quickly become one of the Amazon-owned platform’s biggest rivals over the last few months.

Launched in early 2023, we’ve seen top talent jump ship and head to the new platform. Among those include the likes of Adin Ross who signed the “biggest streaming deal ever” to join the Kick after his permanent ban from Twitch.

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Since joining the platform, Adin has been at the forefront of numerous controversies — including asking fans to perform dangerous acts for money, as well as sharing sexually explicit content. Now, the Kick ‘poster boy’ has been forced to apologize after having a “transphobic rant.”

Trainwrecks demands apology from Adin Ross after “transphobic rant”

In a recent broadcast, Adin Ross went off on a tangent, hitting out at those choosing to go by different pronouns, before claiming his own pronouns are “kill/them.”

Adin’s “transphobic rant” sparked outrage from the community, with many criticizing the popular streamer — with one post even gaining the attention of Kick’s Twitter account.

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Trainwrecks was furious by the comments made by Adin — who demanded he apologizes for his words before threatening to take action if he doesn’t.

“It’s a stupid stupid thing he said, but I’m going to give him a chance to go live today to apologize,” Train said.

“If it’s anything short than that, then action will have to be taken,” he added. “You can’t say it was a joke, that’s like the worst thing you could say that’s joke.

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“But to say to kill/them is not a joke, in no way shape or form can you cop out and say it’s a joke.”

Adin Ross apologizes

Going live on April 1, Adin addressed the situation. While everybody was expecting an apology, the Kick star “apologized for absolutely f**king nothing,” in his own words.

However, he quickly backtracked and gave a sincere apology, before explaining how he’s going to be more cautious with his words in the future.

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“Real sh*t though, you all know damn well that we live in a crazy f**king world in 2023,” he said. When I tell someone to do something, such as kill or threat, I’m going to slow the f**k down with that, because we do live in a crazy f**king world.”

He continued: “I would never ever in any type of way want anyone to ever harm themselves or do something violent with something that I’ve said. So, I’m going to be cautious on that end.”

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Nevertheless, Kick continues to thrive as a platform. With lucrative deals and a better revenue split, it’s no wonder that more and more of Twitch’s top streamers are making the switch.

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