Adin Ross sparks backlash after asking fans to “act Black” for money on Omegle

Virginia Glaze
Adin Ross under fire for video asking strangers to act balck for money

Twitch streamer Adin Ross is facing backlash after uploading a video wherein he asked strangers on Omegle to “act Black” for a cash prize.

Adin Ross is one of Twitch’s most prominent streamers, where he boasts over 7 million followers on the broadcasting platform.

The influencer has even rubbed elbows with major celebrities like Kanye West, and has become a household name in the content creation space.

However, he has also incited a fair share of backlash during his time as a high-profile streamer in the past for such things as being close friends with Andrew Tate, as well as his comments regarding Twitch’s hot tub streams.

Adin Ross asks chatters to “act Black” for $200

Now, the broadcaster is coming under fire for a video he uploaded on February 16. In the video, Ross chats with strangers on Omegle, where he asks them to “act Black” for a $100 cash prize.

“I have a challenge, bro, listen,” Ross says at the very beginning of the upload. “If you act Black, I’ll give you $100 cash. I swear on my mother’s life.”

Although the chatter with whom he was speaking initially declined his request, Adin bumped up the award amount to $200, causing the person to ask: “That’s racist, isn’t it?”

“Just act Black for $200!” Adin replied. “What do you want?”

Eventually, the chatter performed an imitation, causing Adin to scream, “Yo! You’re racist!” before saying he was just joking. The rest of the video continued in a similar manner, with many chatters initially objecting to the request and some even ending the call altogether, while others went through with the challenge.

That’s not all; Ross also asked a chatter to say a racial slur and even claimed to have “almost said it” during the broadcast.

Although lots of fans have left positive comments underneath the video, many others have expressed concern about the premise of the upload — especially due to the timing of its publication during Black History Month.

“Acting Black doesn’t exist,” one commenter wrote. “How does one act a color? You mean, ‘Act like a thug,’ which isn’t all of us.”

“It’s Black History Month, do better Adin,” another said.

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“This don’t sit right with me, not gonna lie,” yet another said.

“Me neither,” someone responded to the comment above. “Like, what is ‘act Black’ meant to mean? It means he has a preconceived notion of what acting Black means. Self report.”

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Thus far, Ross hasn’t responded to any of the criticism against him due to the video.

Most recently, the streamer has expressed a desire to move away from Twitch in favor of platforms like Kick due to his issues with the former’s “terms of service.”