Addison Rae shuts down Logan Paul dating rumors after splitting with Bryce Hall

Logan Paul next to Addison RaeInstagram: Addison Rae / Instagram: Logan Paul

Just days after confirming her breakup with fellow TikTok star Bryce Hall, Addison Rae has now shot down rumors that she’s moved on to date social media celeb Logan Paul.

While Hall and Rae have had their ups and downs as a couple, the two officially called it off on March 25. “No, we are not [together], but I wish him the very best,” she told paparazzi in an interview.

It didn’t take long for her millions of fans across social media to speculate on who she might date next. Without revealing any plans, or even acknowledging that she was seeking a new relationship, rumors began to swirl.

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Just two days later and Rae was now linked to the older Paul brother. After playing volleyball together and then liking a number of his posts online, fans connected the dots. However, this rumor appears to be nothing more than that for now.

Bryce Hall and Addison RaeInstagram: Bryce Hall
Addison Rae and Bryce Hall officially called it off on March 25.

While out in public on March 30, the TikTok star was swarmed by paparazzi once again. This time, she acknowledged the comments of her and Paul being a thing. However, she quickly shut down the rumor mill.

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“There’s rumors that you and Logan Paul are dating, is that true?” The Hollywood Fix asked. “No,” she responded without hesitation, even laughing off the question.

So while the two might have interacted over the past few days, it doesn’t appear to be anything serious for now. Rae is coming off a recent breakup with Hall, while Paul has been single for roughly four months now. Having broken off with his ex Josie Conseco in November, Paul hasn’t been seriously involved with anyone since.

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However, both internet celebrities have been making headlines lately for various reasons. On Paul’s side of the equation, he’s been getting set for his WWE debut and raking in big bucks at the front of the Pokemon card resurgence.

Meanwhile, Rae just returned to YouTube after a four-month break to premiere her very first single.

Given they’re both based out of Los Angeles, it’s not all too shocking for Rae and Paul to have finally linked up. Though that won’t be the case for all too long.

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Even with dating rumors making the rounds, Paul has made his intentions clear for 2021. The YouTube star is all set to move from LA to Puerto Rico in a move that has already copped a ton of flak.