Logan Paul gets insanely lucky with $2 million Pokemon card pulls on 25th Anniversary

Logan Paul next to Pokemon card boxInstagram: loganpaul

YouTuber Logan Paul was stunned by some insane Pokemon card pulls working out to be worth $2 million on a 25th anniversary 1st edition box opening stream.

The Pokemon TCG has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last two years, despite being released back in 1999. YouTuber Logan Paul wanted in on the action, and since September 2020 has done a series of box opening streams in which he spends big money on getting the craziest pulls.

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Logan’s viral posts and streams have shone a spotlight on the world of the TCG, and certainly seems to have had an impact on the hobby. He also doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon, with each streaming ending up more crazy than the last, and pulling in a huge amount of social media engagement.

Several weeks ago, the star revealed that he would be opening a 1st edition Pokemon box in a stream on his YouTube channel on February 27, Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, saying he was “going for the Charizards.”

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Logan Paul holds up pokemon card sets.YouTube: Logan Paul
YouTube star Logan Paul has taken to trading Pokemon cards, leading to some serious developments in the card game’s economy.

By the time the big day came around fans were buzzing to see what the box would contain, both fans of the hobby as well as casual observers.

Thankfully only about 24 minutes into the stream, the YouTuber pulled his first Charizard, and he looked ecstatic as the confetti fell down, exclaiming: “my heart is beating so fast, this is crazy.” About 15 minutes later, Logan pulled a second Charizard, leaving viewers, and especially the star himself, stunned.

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Ken Goldin from Goldin Auctions was with Logan and Mike on the stream, and he said about the total value of the pulls from the stream: “if you add in the premium because it’s the live pull, it could be close to $2 million.”

The buzz around the stream was huge, with the YouTuber ending up trending on Twitter alongside the term “Charizard” thanks to the rare pulls.

Logan still has more 1st edition boxes left to open, so fans are no doubt waiting in anticipation for the next insane stream.

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