Logan Paul sparks backlash after claiming he’s moving to Puerto Rico over “taxes”

Virginia Glaze
Logan Paul Puerto Rico move backlash taxes

YouTube star and boxer Logan Paul has incited a wave of backlash after announcing his unexpected move to Puerto Rico in February — although it’s his reasons why that have critics speaking out against him.

Logan Paul, like many other influencers, has made his home in the City of Angels for quite some time after kick-starting his full-time YouTube career.

Having moved into an impressive home in Encino, California, and created a successful podcast with his buddies, it seems that Paul has grown weary of the hustle and bustle of LA lifestyle, as he announced that he’s moving from SoCal to Puerto Rico in a February 16 ‘imPaulsive’ episode.

While he claimed he’d been “fiending for a change” in his life for quite a while, Paul also admitted that taxes were a large part of his decision to leave the mainland, noting that he’d have to pay far less by living in the island territory.

This particular comment has resulted in a wave of backlash against the YouTuber, with some Puerto Rican viewers taking to social media to decry his move for this specific reason.

One TikToker by the name of “biancagraulau” noted that tax breaks given to Paul are not usually available to native Puerto Ricans. She also noted citizens fear that wealthy transplants may “buy up” property when locals are leaving the island because they can’t afford to live there.

Many other commenters have chimed in with similar sentiments, decrying Paul for taking advantage of tax breaks while local islanders struggle.

“Come into a place like you doing them brown people a favor and buy up property to make your own exclusive community that PAYS NOTHING TO THE LOCAL ECONOMY,” one user tweeted.

“Yay, more rich gringos moving to my island with millions of dollars while my people barely have any money to f***ing buy food,” another wrote. “’Puerto Rico is in this perfect gray area,’ STFU! It’s perfect for the rich dips***s like Logan f***ing Paul, but it’s definitely not for people.”

Paul has yet to respond to the criticism lobbied against him in wake of his latest announcement, and it seems like his move has yet to be finalized, as he is still uploading ‘imPaulsive’ episodes from his Encino home.

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