How to controlled sprint in EA FC 24

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EA FC 24 introduces a new mechanic that makes it easy to blow past defenders. Here is everything you need to know about controlled sprinting.

Pace is a statistic that sets cards apart from one another in Ultimate Team. Whether it be a pacey center-back, winger, or striker, community members are drawn to players who are able to outrun opponents easily. And this doesn’t just apply to Ultimate Team. In Clubs, the best builds usually use plenty of attribute points in the pace category.

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Additionally, FIFA 23 made it easier than ever to create space with the introduction of AcceleRATE. The new system divides players into categories based on a combination of their acceleration, height, agility, and strength. Lengthy players start slow but get faster over long distances, while explosive players have a quick first step.

The extra layer of personality created heaps of problems for defenders trying to account for different run types. And EA FC 24 makes life even harder for defenders with controlled sprinting. Here is everything you need to know about the devastating change in speed.

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Jude Bellingham dribbling in EA FC 24EA SPORTS

How to controlled sprint in EA FC 24

In order to execute a controlled sprint, players simply need to hold either R1 on PlayStation or RB on the Xbox consoles. As the name suggests, controlled sprint is a slower version of the traditional run speed, allowing players to maintain possession of the ball more easily.

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Controlled sprinting is perfect for wingers attempting to create an opening on the flank or for strikers who are trying to keep the ball from getting too far away on a breakaway. Where the mechanic gets really interesting is using both sprint types in tandem.

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If a player starts in a controlled sprint and then bursts into an explosive sprint, they have the potential to wrong-foot a defender completely. This also becomes even easier if a player has Technical, Rapid, or Quick Step PlayStyles.

Technical allows players to reach higher speeds when performing a controlled sprint and perform wide turns more easily. Meanwhile, players that have Rapid reach a higher speed while dribbling, and Quick Step allows players to accelerate faster during an explosive sprint.

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Give this technique a try if you are struggling to maintain possession of the ball in the final third. For more, check out the rest of our EA FC 24 coverage.

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