Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to complete Into the West Wing

Disney Dreamlight valley belle questDisney / Gameloft

To unlock Belle in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you first need to complete Into the West Wing, which is much harder than it sounds. Here’s how to complete Into The West Wing in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with exciting quests, with some providing the player with awesome rewards and others granting you access to some of the game’s adorable characters. The latter is exactly the case when it comes to unlocking Belle and Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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However, the Into the West Wing quest does include some tricky aspects. So, here’s how to complete Into the West Wing in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to complete Into the West Wing to Unlock Belle and Beast

Disney Dreamlight Valley BelleDisney / Gameloft

Catch the flying books

Once you find Belle by following a flying book, you’ll be met with five other flying books, all moving pretty fast.

Your first quest is to catch all those books. We recommend watching their paths of movement then standing in said path and catching them.

Find the Secret Passage

She’ll then explain how she and Beast have had an argument because she snuck into the West Wing. It’s up to you to speak to him. To do this, find all the parts to build a moving ladder in the Library. You’ll find the parts here:

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  • Left of the door when you walk into the library.
  • Left of the sofa by the fire.
  • Two are near the Mrs. Potts Tea Set.
  • On the table to the far right as you walk into the library.
  • By the logs near the fire.

Once that’s done, head to the far right corner by the broken ladder and add the found materials. This will reveal the hidden passage.

Dress as Lumiere

Disney Dreamlight Valley LumiereDisney / Gameloft

To speak to Beast you’ll need to look like one of his staff, so Belle asks you to dress up as Lumiere. To do this, you need to find these items:

  • 4 Castle Candles
  • 1 Castle Candle Holder
  • 1 Golden Curtain

You’ll find one of the four Castle Candles in the castle gardens. The second can be found near where you entered the realm, on the table by the piano. The third is back in the secret passage on a barrel. The last Castle Candle is on the table to the left of the fire in the library.

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Then, you’ll find the Castle Candle Holder on the chair by the Lion Statues. Just near the balcony-type path.

Lastly, the Golden Curtain is on the table with the record player in the library.

Speak to Beast

Dressed as a Candlestick, head through the curtain to speak to Beast. He’ll explain how he’s angry she saw his face before he became the Beast.

Then, speak to Belle again and she’ll commission a painting of Beast using Dreamlight Magic, meaning you need to consult with Merlin.

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Create the painting

Disney Dreamlight Valley enchanted canvasDisney / Gameloft

Chat with Merlin and he’ll give you a list of ingredients to collect:

  • 12 Softwood
  • 8 Fiber
  • 4 Dream Shards
  • 3 White Daisies
  • 2 Garnets

Head around the village and collect those. Then craft your Enchanted Canvas at your crafting station. After that’s crafted, head back into the Realm.

Place the painting

After arriving in the Realm, follow Belle and place the painting down. This will spark a little conversation between Belle and Beast, and shortly after the quest will be complete.

All that’s left to do is speak to Beast and you’ll soon have both Belle and Beast in your Valley.

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